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So in the current implementation, the game itself creates a tiny web server. It serves the console's webpages and javascript, and also listens to websockets on the same port. This means that you can navigate to the server's rcon url (localhost:27016) and the console will show, and connect to the game. You've got a direct TCP connection to the game. This ticks a lot of the boxes for us. It's totally cross platform, it offloads all the bullshit to an external process, you can copy and paste from and to it really easily, it survives the game if it crashes so you don't have to go looking through log files. It also means that we don't have to implement rcon, because you can set a username and password and access the console via your web browser remotely.

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No replies? Damn. This is the beginning of a LEGACY and nobody commented.

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because no one care about old build