Dev Branch Bug Thread

I thought it would be a good idea to start a more organized thread for the developer branch, because it is a little unorganized; and this will assist developers with bug management. Feel free to post any bugs you are experiencing, and I will be happy to add them to the list!
Current Build: 14.03.04 -Mar 3 2014 **
Bug List (As of 3/5/14)
-Viewmodel hands are broken as seen here.

This is stupid, we already have this on GitHub

The problem though is that not much people go to GitHub to report anything.

The other problem is that not much people go to Facepunch either, 80% of lua scripters I know don’t even have account here.

Btw, I just tested it, it works properly for me?

Assuming by the black and purple boxes on his screenshot.
He must be lacking HL2:EP2/EP1.

I thought the C model hands were custom/packed with the GMod GCF/VPK/WhateverItUsesNowIKeepForgetting?

EDITED: Thought So:

Looks like they are not downloaded? Try verifying your game cache.

Then how can I see them in-game :v: (and extract them from the GCF)
(Just clarifying I don’t have the OP’s problem)

Oh, my bad.

Good, at least 80% of Lua scripters probably shouldn’t.