Dev branch: Motion sickness on resource harvesting - anyone else?

Sorry if this has already been posted (I looked around but could only see the gun-sway thread, not a harvesting one)

I really hope I’m in the minority here. Playing on the dev branch today and within five seconds of harvesting on the dev branch I start feeling dizzy and slightly sick. Two minutes later and - I’m not one to get motion sickness, never felt ill on a circus ride or a boat in my life - but after collecting 200 wood I feel like I’ve been packed inside a running dryer for half a minute.

Has anyone else gone from regular (non-legacy) to dev branch this week and experienced dizziness and motion sickness with the new movements of the camera?

This makes Rust unplayable for me on dev branch as it is. I would have paid $120 rather than just the 20 knowing all the fun I’d have with this game, but if this is it’s future, I’m certainly not in it.

(BTW: Same hardware, same monitor, same lighting in the room, same viewing angle etc etc … only thing that’s changed has been that sway)

lol yup i feel the same way… it is unreal. if they do keep it like this. hope they will give us a option to turn it off.

i could not even look at the screen when i was getting wood… one hell of a trip he was on when they made all this sway :stuck_out_tongue:

reduction would be nice. i think its intended to counterbalance the new “crosshair dot”, but even i find it distracting.

I have never used the salvage hammer for this very reason, it gave me motion sickness, now its been applied to everything. If its to help counter the crosshair then give the option to turn off the crosshair and stop the sway.

I play on the dev branch pretty exclusively… so ive been dealing with this awful sway for a while now. its unbearable, EVERY SINGLE FRIEND of mine also hates it too.

How someone could find this acceptable is beyond me, its just unbearable, its so bad id expect it to be a aprils fools joke honestly.

for now id recommend just looking away from the screen as much as you can.

Its awesome! but then I’m one of those people who think rollercoasters are divinely inspired blessings

Comparing this effect to a roller coaster? methinks you never been on a roller coaster. Roller coasters produce adrenaline, and bring butterflies to your stomach, which makes the ride fun, never heard anyone state that the motion of the coaster is what makes it fun, but then you cant compare the two movements. This is more like a boat in rough water and you have only tiny port hole to look out of…

If you enjoy headbanging you will probably love this effect.

Don’t like this effect too… i don’t watch my screen when i farm…

I love rollercoasters, and the rocking of a boat on the ocean puts me to sleep… i don’t get motion sickness not even playing with virtual reality… except with the current game camera rocking… its jsut awful. Now i agree that weight to your actions is important, but the motion needs to be randomised some and towned way way down.
And in 3rd person (which shouldn’t be in the game IMO) it should be turned off.

I’m not prone to getting motion sick but after chopping down about 20 trees I don’t feel right. 0/10 would not recommend. This has to go.

I was being sarcastic :v:, i haven’t tested the new motion nor have i been on a roller-coaster, but there is always that one person who wants to watch the world burn or goes in the opposite direction just because everyone is going the same way.

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I got queasy just reading this topic lol

Ok trying to rate comments on a moile phone is difficult im sorry to whomever I misclicked.

I don’t get motion sickness from it, but it is annoying.

I never really understood why developers put in exaggerated motion sway in games. In real life if you run around or hammer something you don’t notice the bouncing much because our bodies compensate. Our heads may move but your eyes stay fixed on a target so the effect of movement is minimized.

Here’s my “review” of the camera sway:

All Third Person Animations

Awful. I’ve never been one to get motion sickness or anything like it, but I have to look away whenever I’m trying to hack down a wall in third person. I don’t like it because I either have to go into first person and deal with the significantly louder sounds or go into third person and look away from the screen

First Person Rock Animation

Not a fan. It’s just too “up and downy” for my taste, like your guy is just nodding his head while smashing stuff with a rock. I think it needs to have a little more diagonal sway, like you’re really putting some effort into the swing by twisting your body.

All Other First Person Animations (Hatchet, Ice Pick, etc.)

These I actually really like, they feel perfectly on point for me.

God damnit, I’m getting so sick of these posts ending with “I liked the game but if this is whats gonna happen I’m taking my ball and going home”. Ok, fuck you. Leave. A patch can’t be live for less than 24 hours before people have a fucking life-crisis, and start threatening to leave, like anybody gives a fuck. You are not here and you did not buy the game to be catered to, and that’s not what you’re gonna get. It will get fixed, and then you’ll find something to whine about from THAT patch no-doubt.

Those of us that play on the dev branch have been e periencing the extreme sway for more then a week.
Some friendly advice … take a chill pill, dont get so worked up over what other people say… its not good for you.

It will only get ‘fixed’ if people provide feedback that something is wrong.

Folks may not always communicate their feedback the best, but regardless, the last thing this forum needs is another person calling people entitled, reminding them that the game is in alpha, and saying that their feedback is pointless. Trust me, there are a handful of folks who have that covered really well.

I’ve seen plenty of talks about the sway problem in other threads already, and there’s a difference between saying “This isnt good because of reasons” and saying “I’m gonna leave if you don’t change the thing I don’t like.” Most of us don’t do the latter method, for good reason, and you’re right, someone else will just come along and say the same.

There’s a difference between saying ‘if they don’t fix this, then I will choose not to play anymore out of spite’ and ‘if they don’t fix, I won’t be able to physically play this because it will make me sick.’