Dev Branch never stops updating.

When I opted into the Dev Branch it worked fine at first, until there was an update, It just downloaded it forever. (okay 4 hours, but it seems like forever) It would get to 100%, flash the word “uploading” for less than a second, then start all over again. The only way to stop this was to delete the local content, reboot the computer to ensure rust.exe wasn’t locked, delete the rest of the rust folder manually, then reinstall. However every time there’s an update on the dev branch, which is quite often, this starts all over again.


There’s a way easier fix for this. Restart steam. If that doesn’t work, go to Steam Download settings and change the selected server, then when steam restarts it will work. For example, I have to switch between Minneapolis and Chicago servers to keep it updated. It’s annoying but until it gets fixed this is the best solution.

Most of the time just restarting steam fixes the issue for me.