dev branch - no servers found?

is anyone else getting this problem? when i’m on the dev branch i only find these three servers(no i’m not looking at recent). and when i’m on the regular version i find all servers, but i can’t connect to the one i’m usually playing on because it’s updated to the dev version.

Servers havn’t updated to latest version yet, just give it time.


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I cant play any of them because the ping is like 300 for AU 150-200 for FR ect :frowning: i want to play :stuck_out_tongue:

I have another problem guys i got to connect to the AU server its loads for about 3 secs then just takes me back to the start menu any idea?

Server does not have the same patch as you have, or you’re banned from that server.

I have the current update updated like 30 mins ago? Both Dev Branch and Normal

Doesn’t mean servers do.