Dev. Console for European Gmod users?

I asked the Steam Forums already, thought they couldnt help me at all.(They offered some advice but nothing worked)

I live in Europe and therefor, my Keyboard differs from the American one.
To open up the Dev Console in gmod, I need to press the “~” key, but this is imposible as this isnt a single key and more a combination.
Now I tryed to change the launch options with
+bind “F12” “toggleconsole”
But this didnt worked.
Than I edited the config.cfg file and trade the "bind “" "toggleconsole"" with a "bind "F12" "toogleconsole"" (through Editor) and safed it. Launched the game and pressed F12 without any Dev.Console showing up. Went back to the config file and found out, that the bind for toggleconsole is again "”. Apperently, Gmod always rewrite the config file after every launch, so does anyone know how to fix this?

PS : Sorry for my english grammar.
E: Yes, Dev. Console is enabled in advanced Options.

1: Put “-console” in launch options.
2: When the console is open, put in bind f12 “toggleconsole”, and it should work.

^ that

It’s ` by default. The key below escape.

Not on European keyboard layouts. I’ve got § under my escape key for example.

what? I’m using a European keyboard and i have the ` key

Well, it depends on the region I guess. Im from Germany, so my keaboard has öÖäÄüÜ and so on. and the ` key isnt a singel key. Its again a combination, kinda like ~.

I’m using a UK keyboard, and we’re the lucky bastards that get `, ¬ and ¦ on that key; it stills works to open console, though.

On HL1 I can use § to open the console, it sucks I can’t on source engine games.
Also I have shift under escape.