dev light sources

I’m making a map based on dev textures and I don’t want to go without light sources, but when I add hl2 light sources they dont look good. So what should I do? go without sources or ask the modeling community and wait ages for them to say no because it isn’t anything to do with sex?

Do you mean light sources as lights or as props? If you are talking about props, I’d recommend using
GCF Scape and extract the “editor” props from Source SDK. I am making a surf map with dev textures
and I used those props since they look very “dev”.

ta, I’ll have a look at them.

I mentioned the modeling community, what did you think I meant

they look very dev but there’s not enough variety

I’ve asked the modeling community, left it, bumped it occasionally, and haven’t got very far, so can some of you look at the thread, maybe comment saying that its a good idea or made your own models just to get the modelers modeling for me. please, I do intend to make sure the models go public so if your making a dev map you can use them.