Dev mapping experiment

This is a bit of a test I’ve done over the last week. I was making bits of a city to piece together, and I just wanted to know: Am I heading in the right direction?

Random building:
A bedroom:

No this is wrong. Turn 360 Degrees arround and head that way :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s not enough to judge it in my opinion.

By what I’ve learned over the time I’ve been mapping, if you are not sure if you’re doing it right, you’re doing it wrong.

First of all, there’s plenty of models you can use instead of brushwork for the furniture. Second, what exactly are you experimenting with? Third, dev textures are not meant to be in your final product, but instead should be used to assist in the development process. Fourth, it would have been in your best interest to show us some compiled screenshots so we can see the lighting. Lighting is key for a nice looking map.