[DEV] ONLY Automated Events Server - Minigames, events, made by plugins!

Hello! My name is Robert. I have a one, maybe not new, awesome idea for the new server! But first, you need to know, that English is not my main language, so if you will see any mistakes in that message - dont hit me :C

Okay, so my idea is - server with automated minigames. Right now we have 1 - 3 popular servers, called Battlefield - there you are spawning with weapons and armor, and your mission is to kill other players.
If you ever played Minecraft, then maybe you know, that it has servers with minigames (if you don’t know what is minigames, then read until the end). And players love that! Because they are making game more interesting, not just survival.

We have the same situation in Rust - okay, idea is to survive. But if we will look to the Battlefield (Rust) servers, then we will see, that even Rust players like to play different game modes, for a change.

Lets talk about my idea about the server.
Server rules (and blocks):

  1. Players cant walk where they want.
  2. Players can’t build anything
  3. Players can’t do almost all things, that they to in the survival (basic) gamemode.

Server contains:

  1. Lobby - Basicly players are spawning in a random place. On that server they will not be. They will spawn in the lobby - there they can read about the server or play something, I don’t know. Practice their parkour skills, idk!
  2. Minigames (gamemodes):
    Players can change any gamemode he want to play. I have some ideas for now:
  3. Run challenge. 5 players, for example. They are spawning in one line. Their task is to run from the start point to the end point. On the road they will see different obstacles, so they will need to jump or crouch. PVP is OFF.
  4. Build and defend. 10 players are spawning in the center of a not very big sphere (it is blocked using walls). They are spawning with some resources for buildings (a lot of stones, wood, metal and etc.). They have ~ 10 minutes to build their base. PVP is OFF in that moment. When 10 minutes will end, then PVP will be turned ON and players need to kill and attack each other. The winner is the last survivor!
  5. Hunger games (oh really??) : 15 players are spawning in the center of small city almost without resources. Their task is to survive. They can’t gather any resources from resources and ores. Any resources and things are hided in the chests in the city. So if u will get as much chests (storage boxes) as you can - then you will win (because u have a lot of cool stuff, so u can easily kill someone).
  6. Automated arena. 2 commands, 5 players in each. Prepeared map. We can make anything we want in that arena! We can make a bow war, we can make a deathmatch, we can make defuse game mode (like in counter strike).
  7. Skyblock (really???) - Yeah, we can make a skyblock gamemode, like it was made in Minecraft! 2 - 4 players. Players are spawning on 2x2 floors (I hope we can spawn trees in the air) on height 100 meters. All resources they need they can gather on that small 2x2 flying land. The winner is who will gather as much as he can resorces and will survive in that war (because players need to kill each other in the end).

Main thing about that all - all is being controlled using plugins (basically custom (own written) plugins). So players can just join the game and select a favourite gamemode.
I am C# programmer, so I think I can write a part of these plugins. But I can’t do it alone! The problem is that this server is not very small in development, so I need help!
If anyone here is interested in that idea and if you can help me - I will be happy!

Please write your ideas! Thanks! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Different solutions:
Oxide - http://docs.oxidemod.org/rust/
Plugin for spawning trees, animals, structures. We can use it for the almost gamemodes - http://oxidemod.org/plugins/build.715/

Any minds?

You mentioned Minecraft and the fact that it already has this stuff, go play it there. Rust realistically isn’t that kind of game. Rust is made to not have much stuff you can actually change about it and all you can really do is change some modifiers and give people access to some commands. Minecraft on the other hand has a huge community that make mods and the game is more supportive of changes and there is actually code in the game that allows you to do these kinds of gamemodes by default using in-game commands. Another game that is perfect for this kind of thing is Garry’s Mod, which is made by FacePunch as Rust is, which is made especially to be used with mods.

Point is, Rust isn’t any kind of Minecraft type game. Minecraft is a community driven community creations and collaborations type game, where Rust at the moment is a very focused game where the most player created content will be either not in-game or a reskin of an item. Who knows where Rust is heading, buy my guess is not in the direction your speaking of.

Thanks for answer.
Sad to hear that :frowning:

Not really, Rust Isn’t and never has been heading in that direction and most people looking for this stuff will most likely have a game that supports it. Please enjoy Rust as it is, and when you feel like playing something like one of these mini games, take the time to play Minecraft. If you want to have a go at what Rust would be like with this kind of thing however, you may like to try Intoxicated’s Battle Royale Servers!

Big thanks for that link! :slight_smile: