[DEV] Ragdoll Torture [DEV]

:siren:Liked gm_ragdoll_slaughter? then you’ll love this!:siren:

Really liked this map but wanted more machines? Or your own machine concepts to be used?

I am Alan, a begginer mapper and i hope to bring you this, and more!

I have some of my own Ideas but I felt I needed some from the public., you know? so it will be a bit more unique.

I may need help along the way, and I will write a help request on this thread.

Any Ideas or other insight? Ask away!

Sorry none yet :frowning:

Current Ideas:
Compression chamber
Anvil (Good old looney toons)
Conveyor belt (much like sweriks but with more parts to it)
Bouncy Ball chamber :slight_smile:
Bouncing sawblade room
Full force turret

Suggested Ideas:
None, yet.

Thanks for reading!


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