Dev/Scripter needed.

Hello to all. I’m currently trying to create a serious roleplaying community which involves various roleplaying environments using ZS. ZS is a script created by Zauber, it has the potential to create many of the roleplaying ideas I have in mind. I currently have a server and a team working on the first project, fantasy roleplay. I try to encourage a free world roleplay with only certain limitations to allow imagination and players to create the world they play in. The rp, includes orcs, knights, wizards, and various other things the administration team and players can come up with. Before I go further, I need the script to be finalized and readied for operations. My previous dev unfortunately had to leave due to previous obligations. Now I’m in dire need of a dev/scripter to finish things up.

Currently, I have a server with the script added. Though before it is completely operational, I still need a few things done. I am no lua guru, and the things I need done are farily simple, before my previous dev left, he told me the work needed left would only amount to about a couple hours work which would amount to $20 of work. Unlike like most super cool projects, I do not offer admin, I can only offer money. I will not offer an insane amount, and I know each person has different rates at which they will work, so I will leave rates negotiable.

What is left to be added:
Admin system
Sweps(Though most added are working)
Models(They are all made, and working)
Scoreboard(Where you can see a characters model and description via Tab bar)

Some of the things needed are mainly just files in wrong places, such as the models and sweps. They are all created and work, but they just need to be included on the script for players to choose models. I also need the text size for the players name (which shows above the models head) to be downsized, as it is huge.

As I said, the work should be fairly simple, but my specialty is not lua. Anyone that know lua and is willing to offer their expertise, please contact me here, pm, or on sf. As I said, rates of pay are negotiable.

i could install a custom admin system for you and scoreboard

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