[Dev] Society - A non-traditional roleplay.

Made by Snipe.

What is Society?

Society is being developed as a gamemode to test the span of roleplay while extending the actual bounds of normal roleplay. If you are content sitting in your house enjoying your warmth and safety then this most likely isn’t the gamemode for you. If you like the idea of managing a corporation, a criminal enterprise, or just feel like playing the gamemode then I suggest you keep reading. Society is all about possibilities, every action has a small link to another system within Society in one way or another. An alien mother-ship could be contemplating your abduction as we speak, an earthquake could strike at any moment, the local homeless men might even smell your lunch and try to share their vast knowledge of the world with you. Society has no general limits, Society was designed as a ploy to encourage balance and to provoke community based discussion.

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The way I developed Society allows for any gamemode classification, meaning it does not run a specific gamemode style, its very developer oriented. Society is 100% coded from scratch but uses few similar principals of generic role-playing games such as ‘John Doe’ being the default name and being the common name for anonymous peoples by the police / authorities.
The following is just a checklist so that I may develop at a faster rate, its all very vague and each system contains generally much more then what is displayed.
Society was finished at one point, but is being completely redesigned due to a hard-drive crash.
Feel free to ask questions about the following features / how the worked / how they will work now.

-- Plugic System -- DONE
-- Log /Notify System -- DONE
-- SQL Database -- DONE
-- Inventory System -- DONE
-- Shop System -- DONE
-- Stat System -- DONE
-- Door System -- DONE
-- Bank System -- DONE
-- Job System -- DONE
-- RP Character Creation --DONE
-- Tutorial System -- DONE
-- Time System -- DONE
-- Stamina System -- DONE
-- Crafting System -- DONE
-- Cars -- DONE
-- Electricity System -- DONE
-- Unique Stealing System -- DONE
-- Drugs -- DONE
-- Jail System -- DONE
-- Money Printers -- DONE
-- Perk System  -- DONE
-- Event System -- DONE
-- Bank Robbery System / City Vault Robbery System -- DONE
-- Craftable Door Locks n such -- DONE
-- Lockpicking -- DONE
-- Corporation System -- DONE
-- Scavenge / Recycle -- DONE
-- Real Farming -- DONE
-- Taxi -- DONE
-- Fishing -- DONE
-- Consumable System -- DONE
-- Stocks -- DONE 
-- Day / Night -- DONE
-- Weather -- DONE
-- Evidence System -- DONE
-- Laptop / Hacking -- DONE
-- Courier -- DONE
-- Mining -- DONE
-- Bee-hives -- DONE
-- Oil -- DONE
-- Moonshine -- DONE
-- Gas System -- DONE
-- Timed-Housing / VIP Housing -- DONE
-- Custom Titles -- DONE
-- Achievements -- DONE
-- Vending Machine -- DONE
-- Bonds -- DONE
-- Treasure -- DONE
-- Report System -- DONE
-- Bodies / Tombstones -- DONE
-- Catacombs -- DONE
-- Chicken Coops -- DONE
-- Bug Hunting -- DONE
-- Meteors -- DONE
-- Space Port / Asteroid Mining -- DONE
-- Anti-afk -- DONE
-- Tier'd Player Shops( 3 Shop Tiers (Cart, Stall, Register) ) -- DONE
-- Scanner -- DONE
-- Lessons -- DONE
-- Wishing Well -- DONE
-- Oranges / Bananna -- DONE
-- Spice Trader -- DONE
-- Caskets -- DONE
-- Pets -- DONE
-- Spice Trader -- DONE
-- Pirate Caskets -- DONE
-- Plastic Tree -- DONE
-- Sawmill -- DONE
-- Zip Tie -- DONE
-- Furni Bonus -- DONE

ALL of the following are subject to change.
Some of these are old pictures.

HUD - Please ignore the HUD in other pictures.

Bank / Notification / Simple_HUD

Main Menu / Inventory

Life Menu - For all ‘life’ needs such as infamy, skills, caps, etc.

Pirate NPC - Features a ‘Spice Trader Mini-game’ and the ability to purchase ‘caskets’ containing random items of worth.

Pet Battle System - This is still being coded.


Vehicles. Or should I say RocketShips? That’s right. Not really. Maybe. You never know.

Perk system. The grey spot is where perk-icons will go and the end product looks a little nicer this this pic.

This is a picture of a bunch of random stuff. (Feb, 10th)




That is quite a lot of progress for 2 days of work. I’m intrigued.

Wow as the above poster said this looks awesome I can’t wait to try it.
A suggestion is to not keep it too serious as it’s what Gmod people generally like, to just have fun you know. Whatever your choice is goodluck.

Well, I wouldn’t call it ‘serious’ but that doesn’t mean I’m going to neglect administration. Society has a built in log-system that tracks almost literally every action a player does, it makes finding any issues very easy, doesn’t take up to much room, and I plan to code auto-detection systems using the input in order to prevent someone from slaughtering the whole server repeatedly, ect.

Finished character creation, onto the tutorial to give everyone a general understanding of how Society will really play-out. The tutorial will contain content from the whole gamemode smashed into a single ‘book’ that a player can flip through pretty much.

Do want, you are making progress pretty fast. keep up the good work

Really looks impressive give you props man two days work.


A quick logo I made just then.

Thank you, I’ll post it on the main-topic.

Finished the tutorial and play-time mechanics, added a new time mechanic ‘ServerTime’ to shift later developments in weather, random events, and day / night systems. One day is set to be 30m right now.

This is pretty neat, I like the functionality of it. It looks alot cleaner than DarkRP and PERP, then again, everything is cleaner than those… Also, all that in two days, how much coffee have you been drinking; you should see a doctor.

Oh no, by all means make it very administrative. What I meant was try to keep it fun to where people have something to do all the time :slight_smile:

Not trying to make competition, just found the zebra gradient hard to look at.

Use it if you want, no credit is needed, just looking to help each other out. All I ask of you if you do decide to use it is to do something nice for someone else in return.

If you need any further graphical work done in this style feel free to contact me, I am however decently busy but I can provide the source Photoshop file apon request with the necessary fonts should someone else wish to take over.

That actually looks pretty nice.

Thank you, the vibe I was getting was a clean interface.

I like it, thank you for your contribution.

Finished Stamina, crafting, vehicles, electricity, and a stealing system. Added a few pics to the main post as well. I would like to get a few opinions on the stealing system. Currently every entity has a requirement level set in-order to steal, a player must level up Guile and Stealing in order to steal larger / more-valuable loot, I did this to prevent new player mobs from coming in and raiding the entire server. You need to link Money Printers, Lamps, Equipment, ect to a power-source in order to use them as well, every tick it will deduct some money based on how much energy you’re using.

Looks neat!
The electricity sounds really cool.
What are you supposed to be able to steal?
Are you thinking of releasing the gamemode later, or are you keeping it to yourself? (I don’t care really, but i guess others are going to ask this question)

Would love to see a server up, i enjoy trying out all new gamemodes! :slight_smile:

There are plenty of things to steal. If you press the ALT key while looking at any special entity an option to steal the entity will pop-up if you meet the requirements. Stealing a money printer would take more requirements then stealing say a Lamp. Players that own the special entity may press ALT to bring up a menu with ‘Pick-up, freeze, or link-power’ options. Using the freeze option forces people to use Alt to steal because they won’t be able to un-freeeze any of your stuff without permission.

Not sure if I’m going to release it or not, depends on the community reaction and how well the script actually runs on the test-server. I’m kind of deciding things as this goes along so it’s all just a work in progress. Once I get some extra money I’d more then willingly host a server. Maybe I’ll code some form of donation system today so if I get lucky I could get a server up in a week or so, we’ll see what happens I guess.

My main two goals for today are to finish the Perk System, and focus on crime / law enforcement.

Power system isn’t to fancy at all. Press, alt, press alt, and you’re linked and ready to light your house. Bring the utility out of range of the linked power-supply and it won’t function. There are currently 5 power-supply concepts planned, 4 of which are all player-made / crafted and are pretty interesting. You can see one power-supply in the following pic. Maybe I’ll post a picture of my solar-powered money-printer farm when I’m done.

Just a little word of advice, it’s actually Etc. not ect.

Kind of irrelevant but thank you, I think. Finished the basic drug processing system. You need to make solutions via different chemical mixtures based on the compound and put it into a ‘DrugLab’ or ‘Auto-Chem Processor’ which will allow you to process the solution into a final product that you will be able to benefit from in some way.

This isn’t encouraging RP, it’s continuing the trend of CopsVrsRobbers gamemodes.

Money printers could work if they were very fragile, expensive and took ages and lots of resources to piece together.