Dev spawn in 900+ rockets and didnt care he lost it.

Dont get me wrong. its fun that the developers is active and play sometime. but why the fuck do you spawn in 1000+ rockets and let you self die with them and letting people take it without deleting the items?
Clan named EST on the London 1 server has blown bases to the ground just for the heck of it cause of that in spawned rockets.

My big fully upgraded base is to the ground in seconds cause of that shit. And this is the second time they blown down the fucking base. How the fuck is that fair?

well, to be fair, if admins can do whatever they want on their servers, that goes double for the devs. maybe they wanted to test rocket functionality. or rocket damage/building hp. or just stress test the server having stacks of gibs being made at once. regardless, they don’t really need to explain themselves; the game is in alpha, and we are testers/early access players. our enjoyment of the game takes a back seat to development of the game itself.

Now some base nearby my destroyed base is getting same fate.
Sent a album link on it.

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So in your opinion they can do the fuck they want and destroy the gaming experience on a regular official server just cause they can? aint the developer server meant for the stress test and functionality?

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And also that dev was just playing around and flying around and shooting in the air. then he went into a spear fight with a player and died and that player did get the stacks of rockets.

yes, my opinion is that the devs can do whatever they want, whether that is fucking with the players, or turning this game into hello kitty. it’s just not in their best interests to do so too much or they will lose population.

that said, i should to be more clear; as far as i know, official servers are not facepunch dev servers. i would assume they are the old “keyed” server hosts, and have their own admins/owners who can again, do whatever they want at the risk of losing population.

you say it was a dev. what was the name?

stop crying,
it could also have been a hacker …

Striclyjungle. not sure if spelled correctly. and it wasent a hacker.

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Don’t take this as an insult or anything of the sort, but are you jealous that you didn’t benefit from this drop? You base was almost certainly going to be wrecked at some point, because it IS Rust and all.

I have nothing to do with this. I am just curious as presently you seem to be the only “victim” of this incident who was bothered enough to post something about it. And usually when something does that, jealously is a motive.

EDIT: Incidents like THIS are usually why Devs/GMs/Server Owners/etc lurk in the shadows. They do something like spawn a bunch of stuff and who ever finds/kills/trades/etc them gets it, while some people get pissy because it wasn’t a “free stuff for everyone” dealy.

No. im pissed that my base and several others are just getting destroyed. I rebuilt my base after the first attack. then they destroyed everything again cause i meet them in the woods and killed them. But comon and join. make a big base you worked hard on and let it blow up cause people get thousands of rockets. I dont want anyone to get benefits. If you farm them together and blow my base up then just fine. but not by an admin/dev spawning them in.

not a name i attribute to any of the devs. i’d suggest it was an admin, and as before they really have the right to do what they like. the main risk is that by disrupting the balance too much, players will leave their server and go elsewhere, but the official servers have relatively good reps and a steady population so things like this won’t affect them much.

my suggestion is don’t get too attached at this stage. even if the admins don’t fuck with you, the game is constantly changing/updating, and you will lose your stuff all the time.

That does not sound like a developer name. Could be wrong.

I’d agree with the OP though that its pretty messed up to screw the server balance that way. It would show a total disrespect for people playing the game -the people who paid them for the privellage. Lets not pretend FP are doing everyone a massive favour by selling Early Access. They are selling EA to get funding and feedback. But people still expect a game, no matter how many alpha tags you slap on it. If you want to be absolved of all criticism for an alpha test, don’t charge money for it.

Saying all that, I dont think the devs would be that reckless. So its probably just an admin or someone hacking

MP9 then. they and him are saying hes a developer. and he confirmed strictlyjungle as developer too.

If this story is true it really sucks. I was banned from my home server for spamming about 10 lines of chat. I put 1000+ hours into my server and was banned from it by one of these new admins. The new admins suck in my opinion.

regardless of what they are saying, i doubt they are devs. neither name is familiar, and most of the devs use pretty obvious handles (ie garry uses garry). that said, it doesn’t really change much either way. they wanna be dicks, it’s their server.

Both “strictlyjungle” and “MP9” are steam friends with developers so I think it is very possible they are less known developers.

But, even if they are Devs…mrknifey has a point. It’s their server and it could be possible that they were testing something. I know nobody ever wants to hear this but you could always play on community servers.

When did official servers get “relatively good reps”? I’ve always heard them referred to and described as cesspits. Are we assuming this is the case because of the presence of admins, or are people really saying this?

Having admins on the “official” servers (as apparently that’s what they are) happened for a reason: to mitigate hacking/trolling/griefing/glitching and preserve some semblance of a consistent and trustworthy playtesting experience. It doesn’t matter if your base is destroyed by punk hackers, or just some random newman who was handed 1000 rockets by an admin and told to “go play”… the effect on playtester experience is the same, isn’t it?

I like to give FP the benefit of the doubt and assume rocket launchers never made it past the dev branch, hell past the internal testing servers, until after they had fired at hundreds of prefab structures thousands of times from dozens of angles. The experimental branch should be about seeing how the changes perform in actual higher-population servers in realistic player-driven situations. I would really hate to think a change made it to an official server if it was still in the “I don’t know man, let’s see what happens” stage.

what i meant by “good” reps is that because expectation is that they are FP servers, they are well populated by people under the delusion that they will be safe and well moderated. until you actually go there, and learn otherwise, but you have invested 1000hrs into the server(as some people keep claiming).

as for testing, i’m under the impression the official servers still run devbranch don’t they? either way, there is a marked difference between 1000 rockets fired by a few devs, and 1000 rockets fired by 100 people.

When a god steps on an ant hill, I don’t believe he is concerned for the ants.

AFAIK the rockets were spawned in to deal with the rocks misspawning in the ocean in order to avoid a wipe. Kind of defeats not wiping though since these guys are just running around wrecking bases. There were also multiple hackers flying around with the same group I was told… I was killed shortly before they appeared. Guess what killed me…?

I hate it when people with admin privileges do shit like that then get killed and lose. The influx of spawned good (particularly in unrealistic quantities) just fucks up the balance of gameplay on the server.

It’s one thing for admins to hide some goodies and have some kind of event. Or have a “kill the admin for some special loot” kind of thing. But spawning 1000 stack of rockets or C4 then dying and having it in the hands of a player just fucks up the server altogether.

When I do “admin experimentation” on the server I play on and it involves spawning in a lot of materials, C4, weapons, etc, I generally fly to some remote area of the map or to an iceberg while in god mode (since that feature was added) so my goodies don’t find themselves in the hands of other players. Once I’m done, I destroy whatever I built, and dispose of any leftover materials I’ve spawned into the ocean where no one can get their hands on it.

Do you think this could be a test by the devs to see how the rocket launcher affects balance if a hoard of rockets gets spawned into the map’s economy and is held by one group? To see how the dynamics of that rocket launcher and its big cache of ammo and how they travel around? Or it was an accident and it was more trouble than it was worth to try and deal with the rockets? I mean, honestly, would you have supported a total server wipe right there on the spot with no warning, no explanation?

Either way, whining about balance in an alpha on a testing server when there are frequent wipes is silly.