dev style models

I am making a map based on dev textures, and I would like some dev style models, a wide variety of them please, and yes I have looked at editor models, but there isn’t enough variety. more content soon.

I would like something along these lines(editor models):

can someone make this a ragdoll

along those designs maybe a bit more detail, but general props to add detail to maps.

I would like the following done sooner than your own ideas please:

computer monitors

light bulbs

florescent lights

and maybe weapon replacements i.e., the smg

but thanks for anything

So I assume just any model will do since you didn’t specify any.

One dev-dong coming right up.

sorry for lack of content to start with, it has been added to the OP.

Info Player Start ragdoll

thanks blackrazor

added to OP (sorry for doble post)


Yea, these would be really fun to use and make stuff with if we could make them into models.