Dev team communication

I’ve been to plenty of betas/alphas and I usually do check out the forums/facebook/IRC/even Twitter for the games I play.

As for an alpha that has this many issues, downtimes etc. the dev communication with the playerbase is terrible. I do appreciate the Trello, but that’s hardly a thing.

UK servers are down regularly now. And they’re not just being restarted, unless that takes 5+ hours. This is a game that requires quite some commitment, so at least when the servers are down the devs/official server admins could pop up and tell us why/how long for/show us that they are aware of this and perhaps a little ‘XXX servers are back up, yayy!’ now and then. Especially since in order to if the servers are back up again we need to restart the game as the refresh button does not work. Oh, not to mention that the server browser is insanely laggy.

It doesn’t take much to post on Twitter from time to time. Or on Facebook to stay in touch with a larger audience. Or on IRC, where live feedback and communication would be possible and any urgent news could be put in channel topic.

It really doesn’t take much effort to idle in IRC. I know it’s your game devs and we are supposed to ‘deal with it’ when something’s broken. But you can make things more pleasant without much effort.

So here’s a poll. With my hopes that this ramps up in views and the devs see it and consider setting up IRC.

They DO have a facebook and twitter and they ARE keeping people up to date with issues on it: Play Rust - Home | Facebook on top of that They update their website every few days to tell about what’s being worked on and latest patches and other community concerns: they’re really doing fine. Just because they’re not giving an exact reason and restore time every time a server crashes and what not doesn’t make them ‘terrible’ by a long shot when many other devs don’t update their fans anywhere near as much as they have been.

It’s an alpha, they’re trying to figure out the server crashes and stop them from happening so relax. And if a server of theirs goes down they’ll fix it as soon as they get the chance. In the mean time there’s plenty of other servers out there for you to check out while you wait.

I think they’ve communicated enough lately

i dont see them mensioning the uk servers that have been down for over 14 hours now?

I like the communication they are having with the public what I think most people are looking for is more of a notice when the servers are down so they know the devs are working to fix it. A good old “we acknowledge the situation and are working to fix it” goes a long way with most people.

Well then you are blind and ignorant

I really hope Helk and the rest are ignoring all the new self-entitled whiners that came with the steam launch and keep up the amazing work they’ve been doing so far,simple as that.

Where’s the poll option for “They communicate enough already, can people please stop complaining and let them focus on building the game?, which is rightly what most of their attention is and should already be focused on?”

Me and my friends are all committing to one server for obvious reasons. No point in starting anew on other servers.

A Twitter/fb/forum post takes less than a minute and it updates everyone about the server situation. A really small effort and a huge effect. I really appreciate knowing what’s in store in terms of development and in terms of that the devs are doing a great job, but…

TBH I’m only ‘whining’ as I’m out on holidays and I need to walk 20 minutes (yeah by foot) with my laptop to get an Internet connection decent enough to play the game. It is a huge buzz killer when I find out that the servers are down only after I already committed. And it does feel as if they are not aware of the servers being down once the downtime passes the 10h mark.

That blog post has nothing to do with the UK servers downtime. It was posted way before the UK servers went down.

No word about US East Coast 3 either, its pretty fucking ridiculous.

All he does it talk about US, what about UK? what about us english speakers in europe? no mention?

No word about uk1…

I think that the “UK” server downtime was rumoured to be weather related however unless the DATACENTER flooded this is highly unlikely.

I’m very VERY surprised nobody has mentioned Rust’s Trello page

Last time it was down well over 24hours with no word. This time will probably be the same.


gotta say, having deal with a lotta companies while doing this…

these guys don’t seem to be too active on their forums.

not sure what level of response to expect with regard to actual gameplay when the forums seems to be ignored.


You’re funny. The last facebook post is from two weeks ago. Decent enough game, but the communication is sorely lacking. The server browser has been bugged out for a WEEK and they haven’t said a word about it.

Well apparently there is a steam problem cause now most servers are not accessible including community servers. They appear to show the same cant connect error that appeared on East Coast 3 (Large) about a day and a little longer ago.

Read carefully please. Trello was mentioned, even in OP.