Dev Team looking for a Lua Coder

I USANoob (Delta) am in the process of puting togeather a DEV team for a new game mode and custom server menus, huds, map and more. For now we have a “test” server for the Dev team to test there stuff on and so forth. When some porgress is made we will open up our other servers but for now they will stay down. At first we will have you do little things in the server to test how “skilled” you are, When we start to get people to donate you will get payed AFTER the server costs are taken out. Our server is farly popular and we havent done that much to it. We are a new Dev team and dont have that many people and are currently looking for admins if we see that you work good with people you might get to be an admin. To contact me you can post here add me on steam or join the server.
steam: ModUSANoob
Server adress:
Also we will be giving you an FTP account so you can upload and download from the server. We need more then one Lua coder so just because someone els has join dosent mean that you cant. Atleast one of you will get a very important task.

                       Thank you,
                                    Delta leader of-[BP]- Ballard Productions

I’ve never made gamemodes or HUDs before, but I can make SWEPS or SENTS if you need them

Just send me a PM if you are interested

Hello! we would like you to join the team sorry for the long wait I was out of town.

How much are you willing to pay?

Depends on how good you are better coders get payed more that get a “cut” of the server profits

/me sniffs
DO i smell MONEY?!
steamid Awatemonosan
Lets talk

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