Dev Team

Well here I am I’m going to be updating this weekly. My community Maverick Gaming needs lua coders modelers and a web developer.I have done some things for the forum the site is not anywhere near completion that is why I am in need of help.If you are interested please add me on steam thanks.

Steam – haydenbinkley
or google Battlefield+King+Steam

I thought you were coding it :smug:

ITT: hia u guyz ui neds zom halp plzkthx hlp meh code al of ti thn i get cr3dit


It goes more like…

“Hai al i plz n44d luna 4 m srvr, I gie u repecd d tak al crit”

One person a community does not make :smug:


You guys suck thinking I’m stupid I’ll be back with a new username and on steam new user so you guys won’t even remember me.

so you just admit that you were trolling and plan to do so under more usernames?

wonderful…people like you ruin this community.

I cant help but laugh at him… calling him a troll gives Troll’s a bad name.


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