Dev texture as a style?

I’ve been getting a lot of mixed responses about weather Dev textures make up their own style or not. I would like to know what you guys think about this and why.

I use dev textures for grey mapping.

Pretty much you make your map bland and with dev textures, then add detail and proper textures to it.

are you talking about making a whole map out of dev textures?

if yes, the answer is no. it looks bad, and makes me feel like the mapper was too lazy to add proper textures.

Very rarely do i see a map made with dev textures that actually looks good. There are a few exceptions though.

gm_devotter by saukkoman is about the only good dev map I’ve seen.

Generally it gives the impression of lazy mapping, often leads to lack of detailing and horribly bland lighting.



It would look better without dev textures though. Or custom dev textures.