Dev Tool - Resource Browser

Alrighty, so I don’t know about the rest of you devs, but I hate sorting through the GCF files to find stuff. So, I made a resource browser. It allows you to browse through all the files that are mounted in game.


[Add] Find in files
[Add] Options
[Add] History for folder locations
[Add] Preset examples for filters
[Add] Image Viewer
[Add] Folder tree on the left

[Change] Text viewer greatly improved:
- Line numbers toggleable
- Word Wrap toggleable
- Vertical and horizontal scrollbars
- Copy to Data shortcut
[Change] Improved material viewer
- New look
- RGBA modifiers for images that support it
[Change] Improved Properties Viewer
[Change] Improved sound player interface
[Change] Improved map changer interface
[Change] Browser and Text Viewer are resizeable

[Fix] Address bar buggyness
[Fix] Derma compatibility

Main browser

Text reader

Sound player

Material viewer

Map Changer

VERSION 1(old)

It allows you to browse through all available content, and at a fast rate. To give an example, my models folder has 1,223 files in it, and it takes 3 seconds to open it. That’s .002 seconds per file!

However, this would be much less awesome and useful if it stopped there. I’ve also included functionality in “readers” - there are currently ( in v1 ) a handful of readers:

Text Reader:
The text reader currently supports word wrapping and vertical scrolling.

Sound Player:
The sound player allows you to listen to sounds, and be able to change the pitch / volume to get a preview.

Material Viewer:

Map Changer:

I’ve also included an HTML viewer.

With this plethora of functionality, you will never ever have to sort through those damned .gcf files again.

This is all completely client side, so you can use this on any server ( for whatever reason ). ( I don’t know if ScriptEnforce blocks this or not ).

I’ve worked on this for a long time, and all code is 100% original. If you would like to borrow code or extend the functionality, please let me know :slight_smile:

If you are interested in adding a view ( or have a suggestion to improve one ), send me a pm, reply here, or email me.

Download. Extract to addons/
In-game, type browser_open to open the browser. It’s that simple!


  • The filebrowser scrollbar is a little funky ( I recoded the scrollbar for this one, I hate how DVScrollbar works
  • Really large materials aren’t very viewable in material viewer


Very awesome, I really needed this.

Very very useful. Kinged.

Oh yes.
Oh yes.
Text editing?

You can’t edit the text, for two reasons:

  • You can only edit text files in the data/ folder ( you can access these outside of garrys mod anyways )
  • I coded the text viewer from scratch, and it’s just that - a viewer. It has no editing functionality right now.

Let me know if you guys find any bugs or have any suggestions… I worked very hard on this and am always glad to improve it to make it more useful =)

Here’s what I have planned for the next version:

  • Extension of the material viewer functionality
  • A Model viewer ( I’m not sure how useful this actually is, seeing as to how you can just spawn the model )
  • Allow the resizing of the text viewer ( DFrame seems to lack resizing functionality at the moment )
  • Better file sorting ( sort by file name, type, etc )

Also, one thing I forgot to mention, you can right click on an item to bring up a context menu to allow you to copy the location to the clipboard, open in text viewer, open in default, view properties, etc.

Oh, and don’t download this and expect it to look the same as mine, I’m using a custom skin =)

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This is a good idea.

I was just about to say that it should have a VTF viewer, but you already have it. Great Job!

Incredibly awesome. Kinged.

Awesome! Thanks a lot dude. Lua King for you! :smiley:

Good job with this.

Awesome! Scripting will be easier now! It would be even cooler if you could edit the text.

Now, Will there be a way to search through other GCF Files? That would make it good for contraption makers too. (Finding sounds/effects)

Yes, that’s part of what this does. If the content is available in Garry’s Mod ( whether you mounted it, downloaded it, whatever ), this will be able to find it.

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Lua King for you good chap

I’m interested to see how this finds everything :keke:

Open up cl_filelib.lua.
The function is file.Find

Cool beans.