Dev Updates?!

Simple question… What’s with so many dev updates for Garry’s Mod?
I’m not very good with this stuff, so please don’t hate. :downs:

What, you don’t like to see that the game is still not dead and being worked on?

I really didn’t say that… I was just wondering why so every time I played gmod in dev beta it kept updating… :zoid:

Thats what DEV Branches are for.

I know… but normally it doesn’t update so frequently

There are many updates to it recently, that’s why it is updating frequently.

Stop playing on the dev branch, problem solved.

It wasn’t a problem in the first place… :confused:

The last gmod update that made it to the stable branch was more than a month ago. That’s too frequent?

Welcome to development.

I’m not talking about the stable branch ffs xD I’m talking about the dev branch… :rolleye:

The guy just wanted to know why there were so many updates to the Dev Branch of Garry’s Mod recently and he got his answer already :

Not intending to be rude, but I’m just trying to point this out