[DEV] ZombieLand

Hi my name is Devilkill,

And I was playing with lua coding and i created my own RP zombie survival gamemode.
You can join the server if you want:

So lets talk about this gamemode:
There are zombies that are trying to kill you (Always zombies) But you are in a City (Rp downtown DU…) so there are doors doors that you can lock by paying a small amount of money to fix the door and make a lock. But how do you get money you ask?
In the map you can find items that you can pick up and bring them to NPC’s and you will get a reward sounds nice? Lets make it more interesting you need to eat else you will die of starvation so there will spawn food in the map. But why do you wan’t to buy a door then? You can place entity’s in your house ( No there are no money printers) like a food plant so you get food in your own base and a item maker (Really creative thanks) if the item maker is done you can pick the item up and bring it to a NPC’s and you will get money. O wait I almost forget one small thing how can you kill the zombies? there are ammo creates around the map if you find one you can take the weapons in your hand or inventory and shoot the zombies down. If you kill a zombie you get XP and with the XP your level will go up for now you only get more inventory space.

Last thing you can buy props to the have health and the door to so you can destroy other basis.

So thats the story about my gamemode mabey you want to join some time but the mane reason why I created this post is that I need some new ideas so if you know somthing good reply and I will add it in.

Thanks for reading.


  • New entitys and more props
  • Custom player models
  • Missions
  • Zombie Events
  • Errors on joining fixt








Some screenshots maybe?

Any footage of progress or screenshots?
Is this a DarkRP Base gamemode again?..

I Will add the screen shots but it’s no darkrp base gamemode.

Screenshots are edit

This looks pretty cool. Can Zombies get in your base once you’ve got a door? Can they break it down?

Only criticism I have at the minute is to tidy up the language in the buy menus. The tenses are all over the place; consistency looks professional.

Oke tanks for the tip I will thake a look on the language. And zombies can hit doors but the don’t see it as a target.

Do me a big favor and remove the music from your loading page. No one likes to be forced to listen to music.



Tanks the music is off and i change’t the text to: Take a seat in this relaxing couch

You can now change in a zombie.
You can buy a spawn point for in your base.
You can buy ammo in the shop now.

If you have more ideas pleas tel me

Thanks for reading

Make only explosives being able to damage props,right now just a pistol mag is enough to bring down a door to half of is health.

Oke good idea only problem zombies can’t attack the doors and props anymore.

You can have a buddy he can lock/unlock doors.
Zombies are updated NextBot
More money for bringing items and creating items.
Give money

Your using McDunkinY’s scoreboard from scriptfodder… Nice man.

Yes so I´m working on the gamemode and I think its more fun for the players to build on the things you can do than a scoreboard agree?

Oke I will build today my own scoreboard

Can I get it for my server ? (It’s french server not english)


A update on zombieland.

I did allot of changes in the gamemode:

  • New entitys more props
  • Custom player models
  • Missions
  • Zombie Events
  • Errors on joining fixt

And a new serverip:

So it is like dayz ?