dev_monitor/point_camera not scaled the same in Garry's Mod compared to HL2:ep2. How do I get around this?

So for a map I’m working on, I’m mapping a cube with the dev_monitor_simple material, and making it a func_monitor. When I run the map in HL2:ep2, the test texture I have my point_camera pointed at is perfectly aligned. However, when I run the same map on Garry’s Mod, it’s not even close.

It seems like the camera material in Gmod is widescreen (or something, I’m not too sure). Do you guys happen to know a way I can get my test texture to appear aligned correctly in Garry’s Mod?

Here’s some pics.



This is an image of the room where my point_camera is located.
What I did was I first made the cube with the test material actually on the cube (not mapped onto it using the dev_monitor_simple material).
I then scaled the cube down (making sure that texture scaling was toggled), and simply switched out the test texture for the dev_monitor_simple texture on the cube. That way the alignments and scaling would remain the same, which it did. This problem only happens in Garry’s Mod.

Not even a pointer? A hint? A push in the right direction? A vague idea? ANYTHING?!

Generally, if no one has answered, then it’s probably a no. You could try posting this in the help thread?

Wouldn’t I get yelled at for reposting? Now that I think about it, commenting on my own thread wasn’t the brightest idea, either…

Well if you think it has to do with the camera being widescreen then you could simply scale the texture differently?

That’s part of the problem…it’s not that strait forward. Since the ratio of height to width is different, I can’t simply compensate equally on both axis. I also don’t know what the new ratio is. Do you suppose there’s some documentation about this somewhere? I can’t find anything…

Actually, I’m not too sure what is different. I might have to experiment with this a little…

Here’s something I found that’s relevant.

Ah! Here’s the ratio, and it’s also a fix.


I tried using this “fixed” texture, and it did absolutely nothing to help.


It looks like two developers got into a fight over the previous “fix”, so the other guy made his own fix:


Ok, after much fuss, I think I might have found a solution. I simply replaced the original monitor texture in Hammer with the one from the link above (making sure that the “rescale texture coordinates for new texture size” was checked). Then I changed the size of the brush my test texture was on (that’s the third image I posted at the top of this thread) so that it is two times wider. This appears to have fixed my problem, for the most part.

Another thing: if you rename the texture and material to “dev_monitor” and change the string in the .vmt so it’s assigned to “dev_monitor”, it will cause hammer to change all monitor materials to the new texture size. Just make sure to make this change before you start adding in monitors into your map.

Remember to package the file with the map or pakrat it so other people will see it properly too.
Nice of you to write how you fixed it, I hate it when people just type “Nvm fixed”.

The cool thing is you don’t have to pack a damned thing! Take for instance, what I’ll do is I’ll start with vanilla hammer, replace the surfaces in my map I want to have my screen texture on with something not already being used (like some shitty dev material) that’s 256x256 (while making sure not to change how they are scaled or displaced; we just replace the material and change nothing else!!), save the map file, put the slightly modded version of the dev_monitor material in the materials/dev folder, open hammer, reload the map, and tell hammer to replace the temporary texture with the new modded material (making sure that “rescale texture coordinates for new texture size” is checked!!).

The modded material is just so that hammer knows that the surface is supposed to be 1024x512 after compilation, but since it’s just temporarily replacing the already existing texture from Half-Life 2: Episode 2, when you run it in Garry’s Mod, it’ll just use the one it already has!

You will, however, have to fiddle with the point_camera to get it’s FOV right. An easy way to test this is to go to console and type “ent_fire [camera name] changefov X” while in game. That way you won’t have to recompile each time.

This seemed to work for me as long as the thing I was pointing my camera at was two times wider than before. Just some food for thought.

I hope this makes sense…I tried my best x_x


I’ll post a pic in a minute so you guys can see what the end result was…


Here we are

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Like this:

I think garry mentioned fixing this in gmod13