Devblog 12

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can’t even see it yet :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m stoked

Yeah, can’t wait. :slight_smile:

As always, progress is good!

You misspelled “reflecting” in “Blocks can have multi-models felecting damage state.”

Don’t know if that matters to you or not.

Anyway, it’s looking great so far. Can’t wait to check it out once it’s more fleshed out.

Can I have Minh’s tits and Meagan’s balls? PM me for a mailing address.

Psyched to see everything coming together. :slight_smile:

Seriously though amazing work, as usual. I’m especially fond of the new biome types.

Keep up the good work. It’s really coming along.

I think adding the tree chopping/falling system like in “The Forest” will be awesome!

and a quick idea/tip after you chop down the tree it will drop down seeds so you can actually replant it, And every day it will spawn 1000 trees all over the map try coding that and maybe teaming up with “The Forest” developers.

BUT GREAT JOB AFTER ALL! really cant wait till it releases i hope it will before summer is gone.

I can’t wait for clothing changes, but everything looks amazing, Rust is totally changing for the better. Keep up the great work!


Can you build on a damaged foundation? Or maybe a better question is can someone destroy your foundation if have a few floors on top of it?

These are questions we haven’t answered yet, we’ll do whatever makes sense

Some of that art is really nice. I like the soda can weapons.

Garry I loved the new Main Menu Background, but in my ultrabook (with an Nvidia 740M) this new menu is very slow, causing mouse lag to select itens. Maybe you can down the quality animations, or put a movie in background instead a GC.

[I also posted this on the reddit thread.]

I really love to see you guys making a lot of progress, but it feels unnatural that you get 1000 wood of a single tree. It would definitely throw me out of the immersion if I get 1000 wood per tree. I mean, shouldn’t I get a single tree trunk which I can chop down into 5-7 logs and continue to make X planks out of each log. This could probably add up to a few hundred planks anyways. Besides that, I wouldn’t be bothered if I would only get half (0.5) a plank/wood back.

Curious as to what types of fish you can catch?


Yea. Lets keep chicken for everything. It’s just so Rust.