Devblog 12

Mutated chicken fish obviously.

I hate to be the debbie downer, but im getting so damn sick of waiting. It’s been almost 3 months I think. Don’t get me wrong, I have 1k hours in this and have greatly achieved it’s moneys worth. I think it’s such a good game, but I hate this ideology behind the progress and behind all early release games. Release a game in beta, hope it catches on like Rust and then if it does then you “take your sweet time to update it”. A developers motivation is to produce and sell games. I feel this “big” update should of happened long ago and Garry and his team haven’t because they lost the motivation after rust sold big early on.

an article about rust and other early releases on steam–-good-or-bad

a quote from the article
"This release model means that there could be even less of a focus on eliminating bugs and problems before a game hits the market, meaning we could become accustomed to playing buggy, unfinished games, which is hardly ideal, and doesn’t paint a good picture of the industry, especially as its worked so long to be taken seriously by the mainstream.

ohhhhh dear.

Garry, I posted this suggestion a few months back about dynamic forest cover and deforestation based on player harvesting. I don’t know if anyone on the dev team saw it, but is this a feasible concept for Rust? As proposed in that thread, it communicates information of how busy an area is to the player through environmental cues as well as forces players to vary their resource gathering habits instead of building a base next to a forest and harvesting it all day long.

On the thread topic, I’m excited to see Rust come together. Thank you and the team for all of the hard work and long hours.

You think we’ve lost motivation? You think we’re taking our time? What should we do differently?

So, that means Tuna, aka the chicken of the sea/streams then? Though I’m kidding, wouldn’t be a bad thing.

^ just like all companies at work… the one with the best TQM Total Quality Management will eventually surpass the rest in the long term. It will come to pass that the devs that work the best, Who make crisp, clean, good working games. That build good Public relations for their work and games that will be the top dogs. In the developing world. Hopefully Garry is up for the task in his game Rust!! because it is so awesome.

Yeah it’s possible, it’s kind of in with the whole farming thing I guess.

All good things, Goose is teasing us with that giant pipe of doom.

I was hoping that I would be able to return to Rust not having to deal with hackers, but maybe next month I guess.

Another let down.

No flame intended to Rust Staff/ Devs.

That forest Petur has made looks gorgeous. I wanna walk in it asap. Good stuff as usual Garry!

Don’t blame the devs. The anti cheat is VAC. Almost every hacker gets banned, but because VAC doesn’t ban straight away it means they have time to use their hacks as much as they want

Garry Plz this is all i as from the bottom of my bottom… i ask/ suggest if u could plz make the experimental branch avalible in mac osx i’ve been trying to and it says failed to open game and then something like error a bunch of numbers so plz fix this u can add all this features and u can also fix this.

Nah, he’s just gonna abandon the Mac branch of experimental because it’s too hard.

But seriously, can you be more specific with that error, like what those bunch of numbers are? They actually mean something. You’ve basically said “When I turn the key, my car it makes some funny noises and then doesn’t start, what’s wrong with it?”

Do you realize that, without Early Access, you wouldn’t even be playing Rust until probably Christmas or next year?

Which would you prefer? You get to play now, but it takes a while, or you don’t get to play at all and just sit and wait on your ass until a preorder gets announced?

Beeteedubs, Garry is often at work until close to midnight on Rust. You’re basically calling him a lazy slacker to his face in this post, and he’s already working more than 40-hour weeks. What a dick move.

I’ve played on Na4 for over 6 months, there are hackers who haven’t been banned once, please don’t speak out of your anus.

They’ve got 32,000,000$ USD from Rust sales, you can’t blame a different company for their failure to secure their servers.

I’m just hoping Xavier’s stuff isn’t gonna be part of some microtransactions thing, I’ve been hearing rumors about Garry adding microtransactions, let’s all hope it stays as a rumor… NOBODY WANTS MICROTRANSACTIONS, GARRY PLEASE DON’T RUIN THE GAME JUST TO MILK UP ANY MONEY POSSIBLE.

The main menu looks so fucking nice guys. Keep up the amazing work. Really looking forward to playing the reboot. Peace and love mother bitches :slight_smile:

We’re aware of the hacker problem. We addressed it in a previous devblog.

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We’re not adding microtransactions. He’s a concept artist, not a business director.

Wow, Thank you so much for clearing that up. I saw something about it on reddit and it had a serious number of people replying on it.

32 milions dolla!!! OMG… make it epic Garry…