Devblog 18 discussion - Spectate my big snowy rock

Friday Devblog 18[/t] [t][/t] [t]


  • Spectator Mode
  • New title menu background
  • Event system (airdrops use this, Garry wants to add more)
  • Now you can see others’ projectiles
  • Toolbar item switching
  • Clothing tool and impact effects tool (internal dev tools)
  • New rocks, basic snow biome added
  • Impact effects (from above tool) now in-game
  • Animal LODs
  • Documentation in progress, posted online for general interest
  • Boar animations
  • Dan’s scrap tools
  • Inverted Y option
  • Torch animations
  • Prototyping structures and the building system
  • Tom is on holiday

I put this in Rust GD because it seemed like the right place. If it belongs in the experimental subforum instead, I’m sorry, mods, please move it and I’ll do it right the next time.

I miss Tom :’(