Devblog 30

The new Devblog is up.


  • Blueprints: Trading system outlined.
  • Gun Sounds
  • Asset Bundles: Garry’s plight
  • Footstep Sounds
  • Building Fixes
  • Bandage Animation


Possibly the most important thing to keep in mind for the next two weeks every time someone sees “blueprints are tradeable” and freaks out:

In addition to the entire section of the devblog explaining how they work, since that’ll get skipped as well.

Interesting to see how this goes with trading of blueprints. It also makes me wonder about rarity of certain cards. Legacy forced you to find those metal parts,now it means you may be without a particular print for quite some time depending on availability in the market.

And bandages?Not sure exactly why bandages are even a concern right now, food works the same and adds liquid/solid replenishment which renders bandages useless. And I sure as hell wont use mats for something that can be obtained easily.