Devblog 34

Devblog 34[/t]


More building system work.
Explaining the new build system.
Pie menu improvements.
Dropped items now get removed after 60 seconds.
Nametags are back… again.
PVP looting is disabled.

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Im gonna miss the wood piles, i wish they shouldve stayed. If they want us to go out and get some wood, the trees and wood piles should do the job. Double the resource, double the time to build and explore.

yah i wanted to see the wood piles be kinda rare like they was. but gave you a shit ton of wood! since its already chopped wood why not.

I just want to say that the ramps are shitty. Hopefully they are getting kicked fast or be just placeholder. Ramps instead of stairs inside of a house… Really?..

You don’t make a habit out of reading, do you?

Woodpiles never made sense to me. It broke the immersion. In short, where did they come from? Nicely cut and new like that as if a lumberjack was silently cutting down trees across the map.

Never made sense to me either. I didn’t understand why I would need to chop already chopped/stacked wood. I always thought I should just be able to walk up to them and hit “E” to pick up the woodpile.

Maybe they were going to be the droppings of that tree monster concept.

But wait, why would you even want to hit a pile of wood that gives lesser wood than a tree? To me it’s all about time management. It’s a pure waste of


I mean yeah i understand you guys opinion, in legacy woodpiles had allot of wood.compared from hitting your rock to a tree and getting 1 wood everytime. I figured on the “new” rust it would do the same but it really didn’t. So yea i can see why they took it away. Ill miss em tho

I actually want wood piles to exist in another capacity.

I think that when you chop down a tree, it should fall, then you chop sections of the tree into wood piles, then you can carry them back to your base.

I also think they cutting down a tree should be dangerous, and if you do it wrong you should die when the tree falls on you.

Not trying to shoot your idea man , I just think that this being a survival game that (once again) this would be more time needed to resource. Trees (irl) are all varied sizes and you don’t have to necessarily take on the biggest tree just to get wood.

That sounds too close to the system the forest already has in place. There was even a time where they tried to make the player manually cut the tree into logs at one point, and it was awful.

If you think about Legacy, it’s not much different than when you had to turn logs into boards. Instead of doing it at a workbench in your base, I think it should be done at the tree.

Also, IIRC there was a weight system planned. It makes more sense to be able to cut all the wood and put it in piles so you can make the few trips it will take when you are overloaded from wood.

Plus choppable trees are already a WIP.

that’s a pretty old clip though, and nothing more has been said about it since. i think it would just be a bit intensive without much gain, personally.