Devblog 48


• New Armour (Not sure if this is implemented)
• C4 cousts 25 explosives now and deals more damage (1 C4 for twig, wood and stone walls and 2 C4 for metal walls)
• Metal building tier
• Raiding is fixed
• Lots of bug fixes

anyone else just get the EAC Pedo-bear trying to log in?

Here works fine. sometimes this happens to my friend too, after 1 or 2 days this will be probably fixed. I don’t know what causes this or what is the fix for this.

jeez, 2 devblogs in the same week. I know it’s because of a change of schedule but normally some developers would just wait til’ the next week.

I think the community appreciates the work the devs really go into - they put their heart and soul into rust. and i think the game will shine. (more than already)

Furnaces do not produce any metal as of the Devblog 48 patch five minutes ago.

At least u can get on server after this last patch, I cant connect to my server after update.

Bug bounties would need to be worth more to people than what they can earn from selling pay cheats, but I’m for this. Especially with exploits against EAC itself, since that’ll strengthen EAC across the board, not just Rust. Turning blackhat to greyhat will help in the long run.

they need to nerf bows that shit is retarded

Either that… or change the combat movement back to what it was. So people fighting with melee weapons of their choice, have a fair chance on side stepping the shots!!!