Devblog 49 is out, Update shouldn't be too far behind...

Looks like a lot of work done this week

What do they mean about the food changes?

“Food doesn’t directly give you health anymore – you have to metabolise the calories gained from them instead.”

Does this mean that depending on how much hunger you have, you will slowly gain health while losing hunger?. So there is no “instant” heal to food anymore?

Lots of hard work done it seems, time for some fun stuff now

Yeah it’s health over time like what food used to do in legacy.

I don’t know how close you guys read that whole thing (it is quite lengthy) but there are a couple easter eggs in there lol. Maybe Garry got the idea from all that Black Mesa talk.

I hope I can have a beard soon.

Things are moving along nicely now update wise - and no wipe was required either. Looking forward to seeing what this entails:

“Where did all the servers go?” is going to be the new recurring thread. :v:

Haha, no more unskilled meat-munchers

Very nice changes over all.

You can finally craft a bow and arrow by default, which will make the early game a lot less frustrating.

I like the idea of comfort and players healing faster if they have more people around them. It encourages cooperation and forming pacts, even if it is temporary (possibly getting killed after the night passes).

The removal of demolishing kind of sucks, but is very understandable. No longer will people be able to build nearly inaccessible bases on top of large rocks by just destroying the stairs leading up to them. Instead, you’ll have to demolish them the old fashioned way by beating them with rocks or tools, which associates a cost and risk with making such bases.

Networking backend seems much improved.

So far, this is the most playable Rust has been since the late days of Legacy.