Devblog 70 - The End of single players?

Just read the new Devblog.

I a´m wondering about how players, who stand alone should protect all those new stuff which cant be placed inside buildings…

I guess these new features are the true end for players who dont have a big clan.

Am i wrong?

Not wrong. I just wrote a reply to another thread about it.

The devs seem to enjoy widening the gap between solo players and groups. Not only do they continue to buff groups, but they also nerf single players at the same time.

Also, beware. This thread is about to be full of “HURRR JUST PLAY IN A GROUP” spam.

I think with a little creativity, a solo player could figure out how to build their base around those new items…

It encourages social interaction, competition and progression.

Form a town, don’t really have to be part of a group but a loose cooperative based organization will help in the long run. You could even have public works areas for the outdoor machines.

My guess is areas with both oil and high quality ore within the same vicinity are rare too, so hopefully trading will be encouraged.

Maybe true, i’d like to see where this is going in the end… however, the Crossbow is deadly enough to be the sort of assasination weapon that might just work for solo players. And it doesnt require High level metal at all. It’ll also make bases easier to raid as you can’t build walls from normal metal fragments anymore. So all in all it’s hard to see where it’s going.

That’s a pretty scary implication too: that for anyone who can’t get HQM, you’re effectively capped at wooden doors. Seems pretty lopsided. I foresee a very rough week (at least) for solos.

I’m ok for HQM for most stuff. But I don’t think making it a requirement for building armoured buildings is a good idea at all unless there was a way to refine metal fragments to HQM. Metal fragments are basically going to become a pretty worthless resource beyond just basic crafting, ammo and explosives.

And I shudder to think how much HQM will be required to repair armoured foundations with the current insanely fast decay rate.

Amras: after reading the dev blog, I was left with the same question. I haven’t played in the update yet, so I don’t know what it’s gonna be like soloing from here on out. At least the pistol doesn’t need high quality metal… It’s easy to see how these large-scale investments (and the high quality items that result) favor teams, but I’m not sure what the developers could add to favor solo players: what sort if “thing” favors individuals but not groups? Diseases, maybe… I’ve seen diseases proposed on this forum before. Maybe sandworms that are attracted to quarries and oil jacks, destroying structures and wreaking havoc? Fuck it, let’s get some diseased sandworms in this game!

This uptate is fucking fantastic. Its finally shifting the game away from raider nomads to townbuilding. Now that cars are on the horizion there will be even bigger need for towns to build oild refineries and pumpjacks. And even if the raiders just go crazy with bows and crossbows on the towns the defenders might have guns thanks to the quarries. And that balances the power so to speak.

Semi-auto pistol needs HQM. Revolver doesn’t.

I can deal with weapons require HQM but armored tier is a bit much, maybe its time to buff sheetmetal.

In a real world survival situation, I would imagine it would be a rare case that a solo player would occupy and be able to defend a large area against others. Solo players would have to be mobile, nomadic, squatting in abandoned buildings, hiding, and stealing resources where they could… If they did own a sizeable base/farm/village, it would have to be well hidden and booby trapped. Perhaps if facepunch is able to create a more robust trap and camouflage system for bases in the future, solo players will rise up again. As of right now with the current game conditions, solo will always get beat by clan.

At one time I thought rust would be a loner survivalist type game of scavenging, cobbling bits of whatever together to make something work for barely 10 seconds… Obviously, they’re going into a much more ambitious and grand direction of giant clan dynamic gameplay.

“I’m not sure what the developers could add to favor solo players: what sort if “thing” favors individuals but not groups?”

Good point, its question of balance…don´t know…-

Thanks, I meant the revolver.

this week i noticed that a server ive been playing on now only has only 3 clans and maybe couple solo guys ok once a clan got c4/rockets the server died as they wiped the others off the server and as of now that server stands empty and its been that way since tuesday. So wheres the point and fun in that it just killed the game for everyone on that server.

The ability to be sneaky. It’s easy not to notice one person hiding. It’s a lot more difficult to not notice the seven people trying to hide outside your base.

I’d like to see some armor types implemented that aren’t useful for their defense rating but more for their camouflage. (And no, the crappy camo jackets don’t count).

Ghillie suits. Clothing made out of grass. The ability to go prone and hide in long grass. Make the solo playstyle more about hiding/ambushing.


Also adding items directed towards scouting and awareness of your environment.
Like a monocular to see further or some cans on a string to set up while you distract yourself with mining (landmines also work, but they should be easy to disarm by the player who placed them making them useful on the move).

Maybe its all question of map size?

There is nothing that can be added that only helps “Solo” players while not also helping “groups”.

If you could survive before this you still will survive now.
If you don’t play smart you will lose like a dummy