Devblog 77: Female model has underwear

A bit late but did you guys notice that the female character on devblog 77 has underwear on?

I know it doesn’t matter at all but I’m curious what you guys think about it.

Maybe Garry changed his mind about nudity?
Maybe censorship pixelation gets replaced by underwear?
Maybe the genitals where not ready?

Currently I’m playing with censorship on because I don’t want to see dicks all the time, there is enough dicks even with censorship on.

I know it’s a design choice that we are all starting naked but to be honest pixelation doesn’t look good. In my opinion underwear instead of pixelation wouldn’t ruin the feeling of the game but maybe that’s just me.

Seems like you picked the wrong game.

How so? Seems you didn’t get the point of the thread.

He likes dudes my friend :slight_smile:

Bring back nude female

think it’s probably reading too much into it, but i would hate to see the female model get censoring that the male model doesn’t have. it’s something i like about this game; it’s targeted toward adults, not disney kids.

Agreed. Maybe male gets the same as censorship option.

I just don’t get why they spend time modeling underwear, I don’t think that they took some randommodel from the asset store because it fits too perfect. No clipping and such.

I have a feeling the underwear is only there to show how clothes will form around her.

Per Garry: You will see vaginas.

In ZBrush for example you can select the area and then “extrude” it as separate mesh. That way it takes ~5 minutes to get skin tight clothing. The actual process is much faster obviously, rest is for wrinkles and shit.

I’d much rather have this one with underwear than the previous one naked, just sayin’ :smiley:

It could be a good alternative. Turning on the censorship makes underwear appear on characters instead.

Informative but I never doubt that we won’t see vaginas in rust. I saw it more as possible alternative censorship for female and male.

I demand those panties for both the female and male character. If either gender can’t cross dress to appear the opposite then me and my 12 friends who are surely not all squeakers will rage on the internet and never play your game again. Checkmate, Garry.

well i demand gender specific underwear or me and MY 12 friends will rage on the internest and never play rust again!!

The snapper wrapper is probably there because they’re going to introduce a new “hairstyle” like heart, lightning bolt or landing strip to replace the perfectly groomed bikini line from the last iteration. They just want to keep it a surprise. 

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On a serious note, I’ll add that they finally made it look like a woman’s body. And they didn’t sexualize her in the process. It looks like a average adult woman’s body.

Yep, good job on that. I just hope we can still make out males vs females once they’re clothed… cause the other model required investigator work to figure out.

Yeah, I’m glad this version doesn’t look like Caitlyn Jenner on a bad day… I had nightmares about the last female model… uuurgh!