Devblog 88 a lot of crap.

1.Nice that u create a Helicopter with a lot of HP, cause in Official server guys rly will go out with weapons to get 4 weaponary chests. GREAT!.Seriously Facepunch, no one will take this npc down. its useless. atleast u reduce his hp and reduce the area that he can aimlock. for exm i was in battlefield, just going around , got killed 3 time while running just because the helicopter was close to me.(also if u hide behind a stone he keep shoting u and kinda hard to lose his trigger)
2.Ak recoil be like 2 pumpshotguns togther, Srsly? u ruin the best weapon that this game got?
now guys with a custom smg will kill guys with ak . the ak should be op cause its the best weapon so far and his aming isnt that ez.wat did u done?
3.Bolt action headshot point isnt clear. if u arent using a holosight most likly you need to pray in order to get headshot for longer then 100 meter.
In 77 Devblog and before the Center headshot point of the bolt was great u could see where is the enemy u wanna to shot through the crosshair, in this update u need to keep the bolt on the traget so u cant see him while u shoting. THE FUCK.PLZ RETURN THE CROSSHAIR BEFORE.
4.Lvl of details , u changed something with the engine and now guys got bug while spawning in the reload that they can see behind the walls and like it(reloading time).also while u are far from someone u can see him while he crossing the bushes with this buggy thing(because of the 2D animation).
5.(itsnt About this Devblog)Metal facemask is too much op. 8 HQM and 30leather and u can hold some headshots with 50dmg ±?(full set).this mask need to be nerefed. srsly,it’s can reduce the bleeding from shoting to the head, but not reduce so much the dmg. hope u will care about wat i metioned here.Good day.
6.Holosight,in the legacy the holosight was stable,here its Vibrating XD(mainly on Bolt). how we should use it like it ?;3
7.The bow is like to shot randomaly arrows. something got wrong there.

What I do appreciate about Rust (an early access product) is that the developers manage a hardcore level of development with things changing constantly. If you follow the various channels, particularly Twitter, and other blogs, you’ll notice that they’re forever adding and remove things in an effort to beef this game up with a great feature set. There are very few products out there that advance and change as much as Rust has with as much transparency as Facepunch delivers.

With that in mind you really do need to understand and appreciate that from time to time there may be things added to the game that you might not like, or may not be balanced, etc. Your feedback has some value to it, however the hostility doesn’t, it’s pathetic.

If you’re looking for a game with a fixed feature set that’s already been balanced I’d highly recommend Minesweeper or Mahjong.

Personally I think the new chopper is a touch overpowered, however it’s a good starting point to work out where that sweet spot is on damage and accuracy. Generally I love the idea, having a shared fear on the server for people to band together against is excellent.

Speaking of this the Devs added admin commands to adjust heli damage and health so that server owners can help find the right balance.

Devblog 88 does not exist yet

Won’t you be surprised two and a half months from now when the devblog comes out and it’s full of crap.