Developement for server host

We understand the fustration from players.

My suggestion is open the idea on developing the server host option for players to host their own game of Play Rust. While they are hosting the server, they should have the ability to assign moderator and ban people.

This will also give them the freedom to choose server host that offer DDOS protection.

When they host the server, it should be listed on server list. Once it rolling, we should be able to see sharp turn around for population to buy the game and enjoy it. In Medieval, lords of the castle have to maintain order throughout the land. The order to prevent DDoS is give server owner ability to find a hosting service that protect from such invasion.

Once its developes, we can count on Garry to continue working on server update.

Easy and sensible. In the meantime, Dayz Epoch for me.

If only garry was working to get the game put on steam and adjust the servers to be compatible with steam server listings so that players could (in due time) host their own server.

To bad thats not written anywhere for me to read… LIKE THE HOME PAGE

They’re already working on this, but don’t expect it anytime soon.

War Z did the same thing. They added a functionality to “rent” servers in-game and for the most part it curbed the DDoS… it however did nothing to combat the hacking problem in general. Their biggest error in private servers was that there were no admin functions AT ALL. You could kick a person, but they could come back within 2 seconds and do whatever they were doing again. Even switch names before coming back.

I’d much prefer to see a system put in place to make hacking and DDoS less effective first before renting out servers or giving us the source code to have servers rented. I don’t want to as an admin for my private server… to be fighting hackers all day during my game time and not actually get to enjoy it (like I did with War Z).

That said, if they ever do offer hosting of server (which they said they were looking at doing)… I fully intent to have one as long as the admin functionality is there.

If you take a look at it’s constantly being worked on; however it’s currently a private passworded developer branch. Ideal-hosting seems to have access to it, other than that I can’t tell you much.
It seems as though anyone will be able to host there own servers via steamcmd.

Yes, it will come. When? No clue.

Please explain how you’ll make your server DDOS-resistant. Explain how it’ll be able to defend itself from huge floods of otherwise-valid requests. I’m interested to hear your ideas.

I typed in Google… “How to combat DDoS”… you’d be surprised (apparently) how many different things you can do to limit the exposure and/or the effectiveness of DDoS. My guess is that whoever Garry is hosting these servers through (clearly not his own), that they don’t offer the type of service that monitors and combats this. But it is possible (as I said, to some extent… not completely).

I’m waiting for you to explain to me how you would make Rust more DDOS resistant. Don’t just fuck off and say “oh, Google knows a lot of different ways”. Those don’t necessarily apply here. You can’t squid cache an online FPS.

I’m also waiting for Ideal Hosting to come in and kick the guy’s ass. :v:

Most GOOD server hosts already have DDOS protection. Most server companies have a system that will detect the attack and null-route the attack up to a certain amount of GB/sec until the attack has ceased. Once the attack goes over that though, you start to see interruptions on the actual server being attacked.

Most cheap hosts will simply null-route the entire server, killing off the attack and the server at the same time. Usually they automatically bring the server back online after 2-6 hours, but whats interesting about these attacks is that they are either from one giant botnet, or many smaller ones.

LMFAO, google. Dude just stop… like really just stop posting all together your only making your self look worse and worse.

Hey guys I do not know ANYTHING about rocket science but I googled rocket science now I have a PHD in astrophysics.

Why are you over-exaggerating? He never said that he became an expert on countering DDoS attacks by googling. He just said that he found out some ways that it can be countered.

Anyway, if they release the server files soon it should help with it tons. DDoS will not be as easy to do if you have to take down more servers.

No, he said he did a Google search and found that it returned 28,600,000 results, so there must be ways that Garry could be fighting the DDOS but isn’t. That’s his argument. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is conflating “there are Google hits for this topic” with “there are effective techniques that apply in this situation”.

The devs are already working on cleaning up the server for distribution to the community, but it’s probably a long way off still, and it is not the solution to a DDOS, because the DDOS can just change tactics and DDOS the host with the server binary for download as well.

I never said anything of the sort. I merely said I Googled it and so can you to see what can be done. I’m not going to go into length about what CAN be done, or what I would do… because it doesn’t matter what I know or what I’d do. I’m not a dev and therefore I have no reason to put forth the effort to explain it at length. Frankly, do your own research. :wink:

What I do know and everyone knows… is that Garry has made NO mention of what’s being done if anything to combat this problem. That’s it. That’s all we know. We effectively know NOTHING. We can assume he is doing nothing, we can also assume he’s doing everything in his power. The fact of the matter is, we don’t know what his stance is because he hasn’t said anything. I for one will take on the stance that if nothing has changed, nothing is being done. Unless I see something that says otherwise, that’s just my view. You on the other hand by your statement, is that you think they’re doing everything in their power. That remains to be seen.

I honestly doubt that they can DDoS the Valve servers mate.

I’m assuming Garry simply does not strike deals with terrorists. If my game was being DDOS’d by some little Hilter, I wouldn’t say anything about it, like any spoiled brat with ADD, they’ll eventually get bored and give up.

Moderators: Please contact me via PM, I know of a reputable hosting company which will block these attacks.

The easiest way to combat it is to user a server host that provides that service in the first place.

Developing your own anti-ddos protection is not easy, as alot of it is done by hardware (and some software).

However such services come with a substantial financial cost, and it probably is not in the developers best interests to be shelling out what limited money they have made from this game so far on anti-ddos, when paying the dev’s is of much greater priority. (this is after all an alpha game, priority should be on development, not making sure that the game is playable 100% of the time)

I do as well, Lee Benson of has sec-layer DDOS protection, up to 10gb/sec, but I’m sure the servers are getting hit with much larger amounts of data.

like someone else said, the ddos’ers will get bored eventually, and in the meantime they havnt wasted money/time on developing anti ddos.

however when the game is finally released it will need that protection, but the income stream should also be much greater. so yeah.