Developer abusing power?

I played on Facepunch official server and there is an admin called Holmzy assisting normal players in raiding people bases. Developer of Rust, abusing his power to destroy bases? The server name is Singapore II and this is getting out of hand. The server is infested with hackers and the admins come on to contribute to laying devastation to legit player bases. The only big bases left are hackers and people who are related to the admins. - One of the victims.

Before you say ‘Why don’t you go and play on a community server instead of Facepunch servers?’. There are no or low-pop community servers in SEA region and even if there are, most are heavily modded that there is no original gameplay intact. If I was able to go and play on other servers with dedicated admins and low ping, I would definitely hop in without second thoughts.

Please do something about the Holmzy ‘Developer’ guy. Something is really wrong when the official servers are crawling with hackers compared to community servers.

um, holmzy is one of the devs not a hacker, and can pretty much do what he wants.

also, so far the majority of complaints i’ve seen on this forum about him come from people who soon after get proven to have cheated, or generally been dicks. i’d suggest moving on.

I did not call him a hacker in anyway and also, even as a Developer, it’s okay for him to come on and ruin people hours of hard work because ‘he can do what he wants’? And I do not cheat or been rude to anyone so I have no fear of anything. It’s just that the high amount of hackers is 1/2 the population of the server and his just coming on to contribute to the mayhem already present. The bases of the hackers had expanded until it is nearly impossible to harvest loot without them speedhacking to you and then proceeds to headshot you with any firearm. And right now as I’m writing this, hackers are running everywhere killing anybody in sight. As a long time player of Rust, I just want something to be done, maybe an active admin or preventive measure for hacking?

EDIT: My base just got raided from the top, I do not know how they even reached the top when my bottom part is intact.

figured the person in the picture was you, so my apologies if i thought you felt he was a hacker. but yeah, pretty much can do WHATEVER THEY WANT; it’s even more extreme than the rights a server owner has. as one of the devs MAKING the game, they can pretty much do whatever they want. the counterbalance is that if they are too much of a prick to people, the game will get a bad rep and no-one will buy it.

From what i have seen, Holmzy seems to only be fucking with people who are cheating or generally being pricks. If he’s trashing you maybe you need to look at what you HAVE done rather than accusing him of working alongside/protecting the hackers.

These guys were banned for getting hackers to go raid with them on multiple occasions and enjoying the profits and also racism, how long ago were you banned and you’ve just decided to make a thread about it ?

You’re only banned from that server (apart from your hacker friends) so why don’t you move along to another server and learn how to play nicely without your hacker buddies and your racism and toxicity and maybe you’ll change your views …

Good Luck!

I’ve seen holmzy on London 1, He is a developer which kind of gave him admin rights, back in the day when you used to hammer bases to get the tier you wanted. Anyways I shot at him and he warned me to back off but I continued, I thought he was a hacker at first but he was just a dev testing building by making a huge tower composed of walls, I shot down his twig structure and kind of deserved it I guess he left all my stuff for me to collect so I can’t really complain, I also seen holmzy being really helpful the numerous times I have seen him and always getting involved and interacting with community.

Okay, first and foremost, I am in no way related to the guy in the picture, it was in the recommendation (new). Secondly, I never used hacks in Rust before and never will, nor will I have friends who use them (my team are all legit rl friends). Thirdly, the server is filled with hackers and no action are taken against them. There is a giant hacker clan (LMF) located in the desert, blatantly aimbotting and speedhacking yet no action is taken against them. Fourthly, I’m a victim of the hackers and am not pleased that 2 days of hard work is torn down because a group of people flew to my roof and worked their way down my tower after the server restart (yesterday). Lastly, I hope you are not affiliated with (clans/team) on the server because from the image provided, from my perspective is that you are providing aid to ‘your friends’ to raid other people bases. I sincerely hope you will do something about the hackers in the server, especially the LMF clan and many more.

EDIT: You’re mistaken, I am not banned on the server and am not associated with any hackers. I also do not partake in racism.

You know, this shit is getting out of hand. Quit defending someone just because they are in a position of authority. I am not taking sides with this guy but this is not the first time this dev has been mentioned.
I don’t know em,never played with him/her but have seen reports of this nature before.
You all may disagree,however I am a firm believer that respect is earned. And this person is a direct representative of what we are “supposedly” buying into,and you want me to respect that? And then I bet you all expect us to respect your work AND believe what you say?
Shit’s starting to get old.

*note- As well, why in the hell would you even play on a dev server in the first place. Plenty of other options.

Mashirotan, your first post seemed a little one sided towards the player in the review and your first line seems to suggest that you have experienced me raiding and destroying legit bases, now you seem to be just basing this off the player review? This player has been caught several times out raiding with his clan using hackers to gain access and point out which walls to break for loot etc. They have been banned from the server for this and also for complaints of abuse and have decided to write bad reviews about the game (there are more reviews from that clan) even though they still play the game every day. Please don’t see them as a victim as they are far from it.

If you want to believe the tales they write in their review that is up to you, but at the end of the day I am cleaning up the server of the people you seem to be complaining about. I don’t raid with people, I’m not affiliated/related to anyone on the server, I ignore any friend invite I receive just to avoid being seen as having any favouritism, the only destruction I do on servers is demolishing bases of hackers so their ill gotten gains cannot be used, if you choose to live with hackers and I have demolished your house that is your problem for choosing bad company.

If you want to report hackers on any server tweet their name and SteamID/profile and the server you are on to @rusthackreport we can look into these people

I play on a lot of modded servers. At least in the US, the heavily modded servers are still very much the same as the Official servers. Mainly you just have less grind for loot and gathering resources. I would try one if you haven’t.

I know some servers are really bad, but in the US there are a lot of good servers with a lot of mods but not too extreme. A lot of us find modded 5x and increased loot drops to be a much better experience.

That is nice to know, I do not entirely believe the review but it’s just that there are rumors about you ‘abusing powers’ in the server. It’s good to know you are not related to anyone in the server. Well, if you’re already working to cleanse the server then I have nothing to worry about. Sorry to doubt you but it’s just that so little is being done.

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As I am based in the SEA region, I have very little options in other servers. Most modded/community servers are of high ping or low population to have any interaction or fun. However, the Facepunch servers are loaded with people, just that there are tons of hackers in there. Without the hackers, the server would be perfect.

Okay, just as Holmzy promised, the hackers got what they deserved. Thank you so so much!

Hi , Im Yogi :slight_smile:
i know who Holmzy is and we have met him when we have reported hackers via the twitter feed.

I have also had the honor of killing max a few times he gets very salty.