developer console text on screen, i dont want it there and it wont go away

every time i get out the toolgun text which should come up in the developer console, just appears on the screen to the right, i never asked it to ba there, how do i stop this?

Update wiremod


He never said this has anything to do with wire.

thing is this never happened before, then i cleaned my folder to fix a different problem and it started doing this.

It’s not going to be a direct print of the console; it’ll just be the errors. You’ve got a broken addon or otherwise.

it happens when i get the toolgun out, on just about every tool it says something about a Nil value or something ill try copy the whole error next time im on Gmod

Rename your garrysmod folder (located in Steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod) to something like “garrysmodold” then launch the game. You’ll have a fresh install; see if that fixes it.

it doesnt, in fact that is what caused it, i give up. im gonna just put up with the stupid error text

Busted addon.