Developer Discussion Rules + Information (READ THIS BEFORE POSTING IN THIS SECTION)

I spoke to NiandraLades about some actual section rules and she said I could post it, so here goes.

This section is for help modding Garry's Mod. This includes everything from scripting to mapping.

General rules:

  • General forum rules apply here - No memes, trolling, shitposting, etc. Use common sense.
  • Don’t post leaked content. Ever. This includes stuff from CoderHire (small snippits are okay if you’re asking for help).
  • Keep thread discussion to the designated topic, unrelated stuff belongs in a new thread or should be taken to PMs.
  • If you need a coder, please ask in the Hiring a Coder megathread.

Megathread information:

Other information:

  • Before asking a question, please always consider that the Garry’s Mod Wiki exists, and that it has a search box.
  • If you’d like tutorials on learning lua, code_gs made an extremely helpful thread here.
  • When asking for help with an error, post the full stack error, and make sure it’s the first error you see.