Developer Guarantee?

Hello, I’ve been wanting this game since it came out but my father thinks it a scam.

Could I get a developer to Guarantee that Rust will eventually become a fully working, finished product?


“This key will give you immediate access to the Rust Alpha. When it’s a full proper game you will have also access to that.” –

Thank you! I’ve been trying to back my story.

Garry is a reputable developer and owns FP Studios so why would he allow for a scam game to be developed in his studio?

While i might get banned for this (forum moderaters seem to be pricks with a ban trigger happy finger), ill take the hit to help you out anyway. Asking for a dev to promise you it will turn to a full game wont help your plea if your dad thinks its a scam, because a Dev would promise you anything it could in order to scam you.

The argument you need to bring to your dad is that this game is already fun, a good experience, and great chance to get memories and spend time for the same price of a console game. Even if it never gets fully developed, it is already fun and worth the money for simply a good time. Scam or not, its a fun experience, a learning experience, and worth every penny for the key. And thats a testimony from a consumer that has already bought a key.

Just stay away from forums. They’re ban happy.

Garry newmans studios (Facepunch studios) are developing rust, so far it has made over $134,000 it is not a scam. Good luck on getting it.

Your post is actually perfect and spot on, you just didnt need to add the part about mods being pricks and ban happy. That is what will get you banned.

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Didnt i make the same exact topic on this…

I don’t understand why so many people think that Rust is a scam. All of the people involved have a ton of money, and other successful products that are generating much more cash than Rust currently is.

I believe this game will be finished since Garry has already 1 Good Game.(Or Sandbox)

Zombie themed survival games (even though Rust isn’t exactly zombie-themed; and in the future won’t be at all) have gotten a bad reputation over the last year or two. [sp]cough WarZ[/sp]

Honestly, I got Rust back when the keys were for free. It is the greatest game ive ever played (and I have played quite a few) I find it better and more interesting then DayZ. And this is far from a scam, i doubt Garry would fund one lols, and helk, pat and the dev team are legit.

lol omg, gary and team busting ass and still getting sht

I agree that the zombie themed survival games have gotten a huge smack to their reputation recently, with the [sp] * cough * warZ [/sp] being at the ship’s head of the smack. But, this game is, dare I say it, still an alpha, and it has the potential to be something huge.

And it will be.

IF this game was a scam…Do you really think everyone would be this friendly and reply to you?

Unless the dev’s has like 300 accounts each it’s a completely different story, but that idea would just be really silly and stop thinking about it NOW, really, stop!


Sorry I meant //xTwentyx

The developer of Rust, created garry’s mod. Which is out on steam.