developer.. Help me.. plz.. How to open Hamachi Server??

Hello… I want open hamachi server. I want to open private. I do not want to receive DDoS. So it opens with hamachi.
Rcon connection successful. but in game console enter connect, And error…
How to open hamachi server??

help me!!!

People who pirate Rust use Hamachi

umm… Some time ago… my server DDoS attacked… so I want to private server.
The server for my friends. Only my friends can access. only!!

You can make a private local server but your don’t need Hamachi to do it

How to make a private server??? Can my friend Connect my server? If the IP is exposed DDoS attack begins.

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If my server IP is set to my friends you can not access.

Read the first link details from Face Punch concerning help for dedicated servers

"Please understand that we don’t offer any support for the dedicated server. This is down to the fact that most questions we get are really day 1 questions like opening ports. Basically if you need help then you probably shouldn’t be running a server."

umm… give up to open a server?? I hate to DDoS attack

the second link tells you how to make a server and let your friends join, its pretty simple, just dont tell strangers your server ip.

umm… Even if only add friends IP is disclosed. So DDoS attack!

If one of your friends gives your IP address to people who will DDOS you they don’t deserve to be your friend.

A Local Servers IP is not disclosed unless you tell everyone, its not even listed on the Main Server List, I know because I’ve done it, I also played on a friends local server who lived in Germany, it was a local server.

Nono … the user to a DDoS attack attempts, not my friends Add friends.

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If I open a local IP, the others are not connected. If I open a local server, a friend how to access?

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If I open the server with hamachi, all problems are solved.

OP is simply trying to set up a VPN for him and his friends to play on. I don’t see what this has to do with piracy. It’s a 100% effective way to avoid being DDoSed. A damn sight better than the “don’t tell anyone your IP” method.

That said, your problem appears to be a tunneling issue, you need to make sure that your VPN is forwarding the right external port to the correct client/port inside the VPN. And also ensure that all clients who want to play on your server have established a VPN connection prior to starting the game.

Once all those conditions are met, you should be able to manually connect through the console.

If hide the server IP as the game itself, DDos problem is solved.

IP looks through the current game information of steam.

  1. Eliminating participating items of steam friends list.

  2. Removes the current game information view items of Steam friends list

Then no one can not know the server IP.

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The conclusion is easy hamachi.

or just block all incoming traffic from ip’s other then your buddies? (only on your servers ports ofcourse)

If an attack on port 80? port number 80 is always open port.

its only an open port if you dont close it …

But, DDoS attack

DDoS attack main port 80. Most so. End port 80 is “http port”.

Port 80 is used by HTTP WEBSERVERS TO SERVE WEBPAGES. The Rust server does not host websites and doesn’t use port 80. If you’re getting DDoSed on port 80, that’s your problem and you need to contact your ISP.

Hamachi does not work with the Rust server because it blocks players from connecting to Steam, and if you can’t connect to Steam you can’t connect.

I don’t know if it’s different in South Korea but in the United States at least most ISPs have Port 80 actually blocked, as in, there is no circumstance where it will be usable.