Developer Needed

We at Nuclear Disaster Network are looking for a new developer.

We currently have 3 servers (DarkRP, Modified DarkRP, and TTT, More coming soon!) And we have a domain that is under Construction.

But to run all this we need some people with some skill. I am more than capable of doing this but I dont always have time.


  • Developer Rank - Pretty much every command Co Owner has.
  • Full FTP access. (Monitored to make sure no stealing occurs)
  • The choice to be the server operator for our TTT server.
  • Full Control Panel access.
  • Respect throughout entire community.
  • Custom Job
  • You decide what goes in the servers and what doesn’t.


  • Basic - Advanced Understanding of Lua (I will test you on this to confirm)
  • At least 900 Hours total on Garrys Mod ( To confirm you know how to play the game)
  • Experience on how to use FTP
  • Experience in ULX
  • Dedication - We have been through 2-3 developers already that just don’t care we want someone that TRULY wants to be a part of a community and team of skilled Server Operators.
  • Not Required Ability to make custom Scripts or HUD’s

NOTE We are NOT asking for a hardcore developer that can do everything. No we are looking for someone trustful to help us with basic - moderate things things. If there is something you don’t know we will not get mad at you for the lack of skill we might even be proud of you for admitting it and not trying to fake it through.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

No one that experienced is going to sign up for a job that rigorous without any pay. With that, they could start their own server; what role will you be serving? How can you test them if you know nothing about Lua?

I am somewhat experienced in LUA I can certainly say that I am not a noob. My role will be having a budget for the developer they may use for purchasing scripts or whatever and I will handle advertising and the forum. I am also looking for admins but that is for a later topic.

Also the job is not rigorous at all. You’re basically a superadmin with the option to help us with server development.

If they are a developer, why do they need to purchase scripts? If you are experienced in Lua, why do you say LUA?

Why do I say “LUA” not Lua cause autocorrect was invented.

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Also I dont expect a developer to make EVERYTHING custom so I expect them to buy some scripts however I never shove my servers full of unnecessary CoderHigher shit.

Code, why do you continue to talk shit on others post? Keep it to yourself dont down someone elses actions even if you feel they might be stupid.

CoderHigher? Also, autocorrect isn’t a valid excuse when flagdog says you’re using Google Chrome for PC. Not to mention that I’m on a phone right now, and it doesn’t correct Lua at all. Why do you even need another “developer” when you are experienced enough yourself? You’re requirements don’t even match your intentions; anyone can buy a script.

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I am asking basic questions. Not once have I condescended nor insulted him. In your case, I asked questions involving server content and section placement; still not “talking shit.”

Because my PC uses Autocorrect not Google Chrome.

Lol i like this guy code, he has a backup to anything said

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And he has a point “LUA” does not fall in auto correct unless it has been used a numerous amount of times.

I know how it is spelled I apologize for any confusion it may have caused…

Not the point i was trying to give, Best of luck.

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Disable your computer’s auto-correct then.

Also you’ve gone through two or three developers… I have two questions really for that part.
How old is your community, and why did they leave/get booted out?
If you’re going through developers in the amount of time it takes to get good results from teeth whitening kits that’s quite a red flag.

Edit: One last thing, since you have that many servers you might be able to find someone in your community willing to do some work.

True But I need a fresh mind someone with new ideas and my other developers were “fired” was becuase they either did not care about anything or were lazy.

This is a truly a terrible thread.

  1. no good coder wants to work for someone who claims they can code “LUA” better (not to mention won’t pay them any of the profit)
  2. I wouldn’t try to argue with Code, he knows way more than you.

I’m up for helping you out if you need it, I could do with more experience.

if you are interested, PM me with contact info.

Blue ace cool is not exactly respected literally any time he posts everyone gives him shit for his little comment.

Just because you dont like his coding style, that doesnt mean that he is a bad coder.

Even if someone is a good coder that doesn’t mean they’re always right or respected entirely.

Fine, I fixed my post.

So the ‘developer’ doesn’t have to create custom scripts/huds? What exactly do they need to do then?

-snip- Nevermind.