Developer Needed

You’re better off outsourcing specific jobs instead of hiring one full-time developer. Every developer may be more skilled in some aspects than others. However, code might not be completely streamlined and not every developer can be as competent as the previous.

I still need help if your free

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I need help with my server im willing to Pay $40

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ill pay $40 for Dev

(User was permabanned for this post ("Gimmick." - postal))

Is this guy impersonating me? No wonder I could not get MonkeySpanker as my Username.

If anything you’re impersonating him, you came a year later.

On the contrary I own the domain nucleardisasternetwork and I ran a community with the exact same name before dissolving everything and starting over with a different mindset. If you look at the date of the thread this was around the same time just must have been brought to life by a post from a member.

Please, for the sake of my dying grandnanny, don’t start a community.

It’s comments like this that only drive myself to prove you wrong. Not everyone that is creating a Garry’s Mod community is set out to destroy the game. If anything I am trying to revive what is currently from my perspective a stagnating playerbase/community. Please keep your negativity and ignorance to yourself.

I can do really good DarkRP jobs, can I apply?

you need to know how to make vip jobs too, without them the server will never make profit!

You are opening a DarkRP server and a TTT server. Of course you ain’t helping!