Developer please help me I lost items !!

hey develop garry i lost my stone hachet while i mine and i slept and a naked man came over and said “im his bitch” wtf
anyways then he took my stone hachet was wondering if u can code to give me my hachet back and can you ban him his username is whiteknight255x thank u so much i bought a hat in game so please do me is favor! :slight_smile:

The troll is real

(User was banned for this post ("Report, don't reply" - Craptasket))

is satire, yes? is good, is funny.

so this is what people this is funny on this forum, hmmm

use your words dark.

That’s a new 1. Any chance I could get my 700 hours back lol. Facepunch time machine needed!

Damn you honestly have something agains’t ddark, you just gotta reply to whatever comment he makes don’t you? Pretty pathetic.

what are you, an alt account for him? i’ve replied to him in 2 threads, its hardly a trend.