Developer - Recommendation(s)

Looking for a Developer here on FP who specializes in making custom and visually appealing VGUI/Derma.

Any well-known developers who would meet that criteria?

I can, been coding for about 5 months now.

NiandraLades has been known for visually appealing VGUI designs.

I would say I’m pretty good at it, what exactly are you looking for?

I’d say I’m good at it too, feel free to contact me anytime.

Contact me if you want some custom derma

I love how kevlon rated everyone dumb, just so he can stay out.

what mute said

“NiandraLades has been known for visually appealing VGUI designs.”

Awh, thank you very much for the mentions - if you’ve got a design in mind, I can help out but I’m not particularly great at coming up with my own ideas

Same as with me ._.

The best coders try in vain to make other coders look inferior, its how you weed out the weak ones. I’d hire Kevlon right now, anyone who is willing to rate other coders dumb and then offer his own services is clearly the top dog of the Garry’s Mod community

See look your rating kevlon right now, so doesn’t that mean your doing what you said is dumb?

No because I’m not offering my own services while rating everyone else dumb. I’m rating him dumb for being dumb and doing exactly that. Thats not even close to being the same thing.

I am not here to look down upon coders, I just code custom derma

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*And rate everyone else dumb :v:

who even are you?

You do realize people can see who rated them, right?

We got a badass over here.

Which explains why you rated every other person in this thread dumb right? Not here to look down on other coders, just try to damage their legitimacy so you can take the job. Click the (list) button next to all the ratings, everyone can see that you have rated everyone in this thread dumb. Don’t play dumb

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Self-awareness 101

Was about to post that, that he rated me dumb again :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks exho!