Developer Transparency

First off, I really do enjoy this game and I’d love to see it be more successful and progress into what it should be - a great game.

Now for the actual topic:
Developer transparency is one of the most key factors to a successful game aside from the game itself. When servers go offline there should be an immediate post that they know about it and are working on a fix for it, not 5 hours after the fact. I’m not going to go into my gaming background or where I’ve had great experience with this topic, but I feel like the Rust team is severely lacking in this area. Their facebook is 9 days without an update(and as I posted this they gave an update), their twitter barely ever responds and doesn’t address these issues and this forum isn’t a great forum imo for this game.

Also, the servers seem to be the downfall of this game because their server maintenance is almost non-existent.

I don’t feel like typing huge paragraphs ranting about this, but please, fix this issue instead of posting this disgusting filth on twitter.

Aftokinito ‏@Aftokinitogp 24 Dec
@garrynewman @GModOfficial @playrust you would make much more money of you released the server files so anyone can host…

Garry Newman ‏@garrynewman 24 Dec
@Aftokinitogp @GModOfficial @playrust how much more? Why?

(Apparently I interpreted this post wrong, so I apologize, but it really does sound greedy)

That sounds like a valid question to ask. People have been begging for the server files because they want to host their own servers for free, and they’ve been saying anything they can to try and change Garry’s mind. This one is one of the sillier pleas and one that never gets evidence included to back it up.

It sounds like you expect this game to act like a finished game. Welcome to alpha testing.

You seem to be missing the point. I don’t care that the question was asked, I care about the greed factor (hence him asking how much more money can he make) instead of making the game better for our enjoyment.

Been in plenty of gaming tests, in no where did I ever say this game needs to be improved because we all know that already. I’m strictly addressing the developers.

That, and VAC. Not one dev has confirmed or denied it is really here. It has been speculated that garry is using scare tactics to prevent cheating, but that isn’t enough because the threads on hacking keep on coming. The developers are keeping us up-to-date, but are keeping us in the dark about some things that we really want to know. Of course they don’t have to tell us anything, but I feel that it would appease a lot of people if they gave us more frequent updates on the things that everyone is questioning.

how about read the latest news on the website?

and also the FAQ page:

Also It was just the holidays would you really think they would be working 24/7?

It isn’t necessarily relevant that it is the holidays, this has been going on since early in development, they do a great job telling us what is being updated, but not giving us any word on the things that a large portion of the community have been questioning. Just to get a line or two of official word on those things would really make things easier for us as testers (and those who have to listen to the incessant complaining :v:)

I’m fairly sure the reply “how much more?” was aimed to prove that the original question asker had no evidence or stats to back up their claim, rather than greed.

Not really sweatin servers as much as there doesn’t seem to be much action with these posts…

i’ve seen other betas where the devs, not the mods, respond to the forums. they were very informative about the problems as well as the timelines for fixes, downtimes, uptimes, downloads, etc.

to me the timeline issue is starting to be a question: i’m hoping this game is shooting for a 2015 release date, because earlier means it’ll probably be either broken or hollow and later means it’ll go vape.


I second this point, Garry clearly wasn’t asking a misc person how much more money he could make from his own game.

They did clarify that servers files might be given out publicly in the future but not right now.
and they are not going to give 100% clarity on whether or not they have anti-cheats implemented into the game.

You’re misreading Garry’s tweet. He wasn’t asking “tell me how much more money I can squeeze out of everyone because I want to be as rich as possible”. It was “tell me how much YOU predict this would make”, calling his bluff and making him talk about what he knows nothing about.

Garry isn’t holding back the server files because he wants more money. He is holding them back because he does not want the community digging into the unfinished code.

If you think that Garry is being greedy with that tweet, you are not looking at this situation with even a shred of objectivity and should reconsider your position.

Alpha testing means you will be inconvenienced. Get over it and play a different game if Rust isn’t any fun right now.

Keeping us in the dark isn’t exactly inconvenience, it just makes Alpha testing harder, because if we are kept in the dark, we can’t exactly progress, plus the same complaints keep coming up over and over, and threads get locked and people get banned for it. I, for one, am not complaining about it, but I do wish that devs were more responsive to some things, you know?

If I interpreted it wrong, then I’m sorry. Apparently you have a hard time reading. I said I enjoy Rust in the first post and also said I’m talking about the developers only in the second post.

Garry Newman ‏@garrynewman 26 Dec
@larrylzhao vac is active

Clearly isn’t in Rust atm. So, 100% clarity?

I’m not sure what the status of VAC is, or what’s happening in the client, but I can confirm the only type of anticheat present in the server is the truth system (which is a basic anti-speedhack).

I believe there is a reasonable discussion to be had over whether the devs should be more responsive and communicative with the community, like daily blog posts with a snapshot look at what they accomplished that day or whatever. No argument there.

But this?

This is expecting Rust to act like a release-grade game with all of the trappings of a launched game, like server stability except during periods of pre-announced scheduled maintenance.

Servers are going to go down, servers are going to have bugs, and there are a very limited number of people able to fix them and those people are also by and large the people responsible for developing the game itself and they can only dedicate their hands and brain to one single thing at once.

Between that “I should be told immediately how they intend on fixing this problem” idea and the initial reading of Garry’s tweet as greedy (not snarky and calling the moron’s bluff), I got a whiny entitlement vibe off of the OP.

If Garry says that VAC is enabled. It is and is working. Like in any other game with VAC, it’s a delayed system. They compile data from hackers, etc. then they send in a big ban wave that bans them all. That’s how it’s been since the beginning of TF2.

VAC is actually not active on Rust ATM. The only anti hack is on, is anti-speed hack which is built in.

Take a look at this.

then this

see something missing?

I’d say it’s due to alpha and VAC is ‘being enabled’.

Absolutely agree 100%. Some more frequent posts on what’s going on with rust would be really appreciated, along with what is up and coming, so we don’t see constant repeats of suggestions.