developers cann't you allow me access to the official servers?

I am willing to buy the game again I have it no more!
developers cann’t you allow me access to the official servers?

My Account in steam “lord_of_the_three_planets”

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Make a new account and buy it ?

Just to remind people. But yes its your punishment to buy the game again.

Yet another one to add to the Facepunch Thread Wall of Shame

You need to buy Rust on a new Steam account. Your Steam ID is banned in Cheatpunch.

Did you have Steam Support remove your Rust license from your account or something?

Developers and sense to me to leave it just the incentive the next time I buy it just will not, and also advise
I have there ostolnye games I’m not going to close them.
I thought that you can unlock and I just steam it again shall get
Why do I need to create steam again if I can buy it again!

Because that’s your punishment for being a cheating sack of shit.
You have two options now, either you keep crying about it or you grow up.

I got caught by VAC as a youngster, I chose to grow up.

We need a “I’ve been VAC banned and I don’t know why” thread - these (funny) threads keep popping up.

developers explain why I have to create a new account to play on the old account if there is no game but worth a ban?
you can remove the ban and I can buy it again!

Well its not fair to the other people who have been VAC banned and had to make a new account.