Developer's Console Crashes Game

Whenever I boot up the game, I can use the developer’s console fine. But whenever I join a gamemode other than sandbox, everything freezes for two seconds (it’s the same amount of time everytime), loops the sounds it last played for about half a second, and then crashes. This has happened to me A LOT. I’ve tried all of the traditional fixes. I’ve disabled every addon except for the gamemode (ReDead), didn’t work. I verified the integrity of the cache. Didn’t work. Cleared registry. Didn’t work. Also, I have A LOT of minidump files. I had 35+ at one point but delete about half of them. [del]I’m going to upload whatever the limit is on them.[/del] I have no idea how to upload them… so any replies explaining how to would be great.

EDIT: Uploaded them to MediaFire.


-dxlevel 95 (startup options in steam)

That worked, thanks. :slight_smile:
How did you know though? Just curious.

:slight_smile: Rumour has it he can see every single Garry’s Mod users home computer setup. Some even say their porn collections are not safe.

What the hell are you talking about? I don’t have three terabytes of porn… oh, wait…