Please consider my suggestion, bump this thread if you agree.

Rather then blueprints being a thing you learn, a blue print should be an item that you need to have in your inventory to craft. There would be many many benefits to this…

  1. Players could not just use sleeping bags to jump around the map and craft. This would reduce the entity count because users would be afraid to transport their blueprints which in turn would slow down the pace at which everyone on the server can build. This means more stone shacks in the boonies becoming a viable option for the solo player. This would cause less wipes, because players would not be able to build at such a rapid rate. As of right now, I craft everything for everyone, because I can.

  2. Raiding: At this point, raiding is only intended to grief other players. I have every blueprint, and I don’t need their resources. I believe this would make raiding much more active.

  3. Wipes: As I mentioned above, wiping would not need to be as regular of a thing, and when it did, it would be a clean slate. All users would have 0 blueprints, and would begin collecting them again.

  4. PVP: As it stands right now, users constantly travel while crafting syringes, med kits, pick axes, and more. This would not happen as often if the user was risking losing the blueprint to do so.

  5. Duplicate Blueprints: As of right now, whenever I get a duplicate blueprint, it is either dropped right away, or saved for a new player. Instead, I could deliver these prints strategically to other bases.

So please consider this as an option as I truly believe it would reduce the rate at which buildings are built, because if there are only so many pick axe and hatchet blueprints out there, users will be forced to gather with more primitive tools, which will not permit them to build many many giants bases which destroy the server performance.

I could write about it forever, but I’ve probably already lost your attention.

A scheduled wipe once a month would be ideal for everyone, because there could be a a clear winner at the end.