Developers Reference - gLua - (LDT)

(TL;DR at bottom)
Hi, I’m pretty new to most coding, I have a bit of Java experience under my belt (By A bit I mean mostly Bukkit for minecraft stuff, and even with what I know, there’s still a lot more to learn!) And I also have most of python down pat. Now I’m taking a break from Java for a while. I’ve been learning Lua for about 2 days. I understand the base fundamentals of gLua, such as team setup, gamemode creation, etc. I see there is a wiki page on the different gLua specific functions, and I’m glad this is there as reference/documentation.

However, when using Java I used Eclipse, and I was able to easily import reference libraries for bukkit, and other similar mods/plugins, sort of like a source code I guess. I’ve looked around, and all I’ve found is a thread on it back from Dec. 13, 2011. (Thread ID: 1147472). I realize it was stated that there was no “API” of sorts then, but I figure “Hey, it’s been 1.5yrs, why not see if anyone has done it yet?”. (I’ve googled it, and have yet to find anything after a fair amount of search time). So I was wondering if anyone has found/made a library or whatever you’d like to call it for gLua. (I’m using LDT, by the Eclipse Foundation, and it supports importing of reference libraries, for autocomplete, error fixing, hover-info, etc).

I’m looking for a reference library/source code/API for gLua that you can import to LDT.