Developing a gamemode!

Hello facepunch,
I am making a gamemode and I am stuck on probably the hardest part. It is the idea of the gamemode. Can anyone recommend me something. I want to make it something that everyone can enjoy… I’ll be working really hard on this one :slight_smile:

I’m also thinking that the gamemode could have a web-based part. Like a control panel that controls the game.

How can you be making something when you don’t know what you’re making.

This. If you knew what you were doing , maybe someone could help you. You don’t have a single clue what your gamemode is even going to be, that doesn’t really say a whole lot about your experience with coding at all.

I’m asking for suggestions… Cause I want the gamemode to be something to suit everyone

Pretty sure it’s impossible to make something that suits absolutely everyone.

I have an idea… Make a gamemode where people can make things like houses using object in source engine. People have a gun and they can rotate and freeze things with it…

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I just found out that that gamemode already exists, scratch that.

Isn’t that how you were conceived? :v:

I was just thinking something big, maybe something that can be controlled by a website. Like someone has a profile and they can view their stats, money, score, etc. Something maybe like GTA 5 Online but not a gamemode which is actually PERP and they just changed name. I am thinking of that or something more competitive in which a team works together to do something and the other team has to stop them.

Well to start it off you already mentioned PERP so I’m guessing you wanna do RP which majority of the people on fp wont be happy unless you pull it off really good.

So… Basically like every other gamemode out there that saves data to a database and pulls that to put it on a website.

I’m talking about PERP because there is another gamemode called GTA Online and it is just PERP. I want it to be like GTA not RP