Developing DarkRP HUD

I am currently developing a DarkRP HUD, i wanna hear your opinion and what i could possibly do better

You see those two icons. First means Developer, second means administrator. i added a couple of these as example in car, frozen, burning, vip, trusted and a couple more.

I wanna add something special for VIPs, any idea?

The health bar looks a little weird being to the right. Blue is generally used to indicate armour, and red is used to indicate health. The font could do without the shadow, and the main box could be rounded. Mixing rounded and non-rounded corners looks a little weird.

You could also make the colour of the text on the health bar white, it’s coming up as light red on my screen - which might be an error.

It’s a good start though.

I agree with KillerLUA, and I recommend posting this into either WAYWO or the design thread which seems to have vanished.

Thanks, ill change it. Yeah its slightly red as i did not change the color of the number yet. thats the problem, i wanna make it rounded but also combine two boxes. i think im gonna make them rounded and not transparent.

Text is dull. Lighten it up. Also 1 box would be better if not. Put more stuff over the health.

I’d recommend putting the Armor/Hunger underneath the existing health-bar. Perhaps brighten the text up a bit.

I like your Health bar, but as KillerLUA said Blue normally indicates suit-power/armor. The little icons are a nice touch.

Perhaps add a DColorPalette which allows VIP’s to change the Color of their HUD or something? I don’t know.

Good job anyway.

I hope that the icons aren’t in a hard coded pos, so if you weren’t superadmin or developer but in a car, the car icon would be the first.

Thanks, no AnonTakesOver i used a really simple method
as example x=50+xpos and after every line (one line per icon) xpos+15

I fixed it up a bit, cant provide a screenshot NOW but text is lighten up health bar is red (might wanna make it green so itsjust different) armor is beneath healthbar and visible.
Ammo shows as soon as you have got a weapon which needs ammo.

Also you may want to make sure that you’re making the HUD adjust to different screen resolutions.
It’d suck to finally get it to a finished state and realize you forgot to do that.

Instead of everyone posting a thread to show off their progress, we keep everything to one word thread called What Are You Working On, please post this there instead if you’re looking for feedback, thanks!