Developing for S&box without s&box - How to Start mapping

You don’t need a key or access to s&box to start developing:

  • Maps
  • Models ( learn blender and you can load your models in the maps)
  • Materials
  • Particle fx
  • UI Drafting (any photoshop type software)

So I made this video that will help all the people in the que start developing because making the things I listed above is going to take you 100+ hours at least, so you might as well get a head start.

Start mapping for S&box without S&box


As a dev I highly recommend taking a look into modelling and rigging. S&box has next to no assets at the moment so you’ll have to make everything yourself.


An obvious alternative to SteamVR is Half-Life Alyx, if you own it on Steam.
Its the closest in terms of tools you’re going to get to S&box tools at the moment - using HLA you’re also able to test your maps in VR, and non-VR using the handy little toggleable option in the tools launcher.

Unsure if SteamVR has the same option built in like, so you’d probably have to put more effort into figuring out how to test your stuff without VR if you’re using SteamVR.


Yeah this is true, steamVR is just the free route which comes with limitations, HLA would have been my choice but I’m out here like mr Krabs cheaping out! :face_with_monocle: